10 MORE Great Conspiracy Theories and Mysteries!

10 MORE Great Conspiracy Theories and Mysteries!

Mysteries surround us in this world. They can be grotesque, terrifying or just interesting to read about. But, while we gave you our opinion on 10 of the best to get started with, we have more.

There really is nothing like a good well structured mystery, conspiracy theories and cold cases have long been studied. Depending on your mentality, you either believe that some of these are already solved or you have never heard of them. Read on dear reader, and join us on a journey through history and mystery!


Note; some of these entries/videos contain graphic descriptions of adult material, you have been warned.


The Potomskiy Crater

What would you think if you were walking around a forest, and suddenly you came across a crater with a large sphere in the center of it? If you were anything like the man who stumbled across such a sight, you’d be extremely confused.

Such is the case when such a sight was discovered in Potomskiy forest. A large tract of ground was scattered and shifted, and in the center of an impact was a massive sphere.

Weighing over 1 million tons, theories are wild on what exactly this could possibly be. The first guess is that it is a meteorite that went unnoticed, but the impact left too little damage.

Second main theory is that it is hiding some underground passage, but nobody has come close enough to reveal it.


Die Glocke

Conspiracies surrounding supposed Nazi superweapons have been rolling around for almost 100 years now. With no shortage of these conspiracies, one has some disturbingly real logic and witnesses to back it up.

Weapon in question is that of Die Glocke, or ‘The Bell’. A bell shaped device that produced an electronic field/vibration so strong that it liquified organs and created crystals in bloodstreams.

Normally, this would be the part where we say ‘this absolutely did not exist’. However, there were blueprints, witnesses and documents backing up that the technology did actually exist.


Gavdos: The island of immortality

Several years ago, there was a massive explosion at the nuclear plant in Chernobyl that saw a huge amount of radiation released. Killing several people and causing birth defects for years more, it was a disaster.

What if we told you, that four scientists who were in the last stages of cancer, left for an island, and were cured? Well, truth is often stranger than fiction.

Four scientists did indeed escape to an extremely remote island off the tip of Europe called Gavdos. They built a small home and were determined to live out their late stage cancer in peace, only to be mysteriously healed. Theories range from Atlantis, the Fountain of Youth or just pure luck.


The Mattress Store is a Front

A few years back, a Redditor made a post, asking people what conspiracy theories they believed without a shadow of a doubt. One Redditor had an answer that nobody had heard before.

He/She went into great detail about how the stores are always empty, they’re everywhere and the employees are beyond useless. The theory caught like wildfire, even getting far enough to prompt a response from the CEO of Mattress Firm.

This theory may seem like a pretty wacky idea, but it has become one of the most studied theories by internet sleuths.


9/11 Was an Inside Job

Sometimes tragedy is nothing but a breeding place for paranoid people to take advantage. Which is where most people start and stop with the 9/11 theory that it was a planned attack by the American Government.

We’re not here to convince either side, there’s information that supports one side and some that supports another. Ultimately it comes down to what you believe as an individual.


Cicada 3301 is a CIA Recruitment Tool

You’d be forgiven for not even knowing what the hell Cicada 3301 is or where it came from. Truth of the matter is, we still technically don’t know the answer to either of those.

Originally discovered on the Dark web, which is a conspiracy of itself, Cicada 3301 is a massive world spanning puzzle game. Consisting of locations, mathematics, geography, science etc.

Winners of Cicada are not named, disappear and as such people are never given any closure to what the hell this point is. Any one of us could’ve won, and you’d never know.


Who Killed Elisa Lam?

In February of 2013, after residents of a hotel complained of foul smells, and murky water, a horrific discovery was made by janitorial crew. The body of a young woman was stuffed into the water reservoir on top of the building.

The young woman in question was student Elisa Lam who was a student studying at the University of British Columbia. Despite CCTV footage showing that Lam was alive hours prior, authorities got nowhere with it.

Lam is seen looking frantically around her surroundings and constantly going in and out of an elevator. Whatever was causing her reaction though has remained completely unsolved.


The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Shrouded in mystery to this day, with no headway having been made despite extensive search into the people and landscape.

Dyatlov Pass is a span of land in the Ural Mountains of rural Russia. When nine hikers all of whom were experienced and hardy died under increasingly mysterious circumstances.

Several of the hikers were found either naked or near naked, clutching at something and in some cases missing their tongues. Things got even weirder when the campsite was searched and investigators saw that some tents were ripped open from the inside.

What exactly happened to the nine hikers is still up for debate. Some say that it was an extreme case of group hysteria, others say they were attacked by a cryptid or murdered.


The D.C. Snipers were Set Ups

This is a theory that never got much traction mostly due to the controversy of how recent these attacks were.

In October of 2002, two men carried out a series of vicious attacks seemingly at random throughout the D.C. area. Despite extensive searches, raids and set ups, the men were not captured for ten whole months.

So what exactly was the logic behind the theory of a set up? Well, due to both of the men’s mental fortitude, physical fitness and history that was recorded by the military, it just did not add up. People found it hard to believe that there was any reasoning behind it outside of something higher up. You be the judge.


Operation Northwoods

Sometimes the scariest thing about a conspiracy is how close and how real it actually is to historical fact. Made all the scarier when it is officially confirmed by your own government as a plan.

Northwoods is just one such, a proposed False Flag attack that would’ve prompted the US in an open war with Cuba. The Operation would have seen the US Military staging random terror attacks on the American people that would’ve been tied to Cubans sent by Fidel Castro.

The worst part is that it made its way to the President, Kennedy, who had the foresight to shut it down. But that hasn’t eased many minds as now we have to wonder how many False Flag attacks are there.


There you have it! Some of the more less known and distressing conspiracies/mysteries from around the world. While the rabbit hole can sometimes only go so far due to lack of knowledge, there are several ways to investigate.

If these tickled the itch of a good mystery we highly encourage you to read our original mysteries post. Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think!