73% Of Women Are More Likely To Die In Car Crashes As Tested On Female Dummy

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73% Of Women Are More Likely To Die In Car Crashes As Tested On Female Dummy

American car companies use a female test dummy to test crashes and accident caused by women drivers. The test dummy is 5 feet tall, with a weight of 110 pounds.

Whereas an average American woman weighs 170.5 pounds and is nearly four inches taller than the test dummy. The difference between the female test dummy and an average American Woman is vast.

According to a new paper from the University of Virginia reveals that 73% of the female drivers are more likely to die or suffer from a serious injury in a car crash notwithstanding various factors like the passenger’s body structure, the car model, and the use of a seat belt.

There were only one kind of male test dummies, which were used until 2003, post which female test dummies were introduced for testing.

Dr. David Lawrence, director of the Center for Injury Prevention Policy & Practice at San Diego State University says, “Manufacturers and designers used to all be men. It didn’t occur to them they should be designing for people unlike themselves. Well, we got over that.”

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