Adele's Divorce Starts Equality Conversation

Adele’s Divorce Starts Equality Conversation

After some off and on news about where things were going with the current marriage to Simon Konecki, we have a verdict. Seems that the couple will not remain together.

If only it was that cut and dry, because the settlement reached has now sparked an equality debate among fans and critics. Essentially, Adele has to pay 140$ million of her 190$ million net worth for the settlement.

This is just one of two major controversies that have been sparked because of Adele’s relationship. When pictures surfaced that showed the singer had seemingly lost a lot of weight, it had sparked a fat shaming debate. Now things seem to have escalated even more so in light of the details around the divorce.

Social Media is torn on what to make of this update

Something to be of note, Adele did request that the details of her divorce be kept private, which means this requires a grain of salt. While rumors around the divorce seemed to have been fairly accurate in the past, nothing is guaranteed.

Adele's weight loss sparked lots of conversation

According to said rumors, Adele and Konecki did not sign a prenup at the time of their marriage. Which would help explain the hefty sum owed by Adele according to the same rumors. 

So how exactly did this spark an equality debate? Well, according to both sides, this is either completely fair or completely unfair. From one side since men usually have to pay majority of settlements that this is just reality. On the other side, they’re claiming that if things were truly equal, Konecki would owe a large sum as well or at least split the cost.


Things especially started heating up when many started comparing this rumor to that of the divorce of Jeff Bezos. Claiming how hypocritical it was that when Bezos had to pay the settlement no one spoke up, but now things were wrong because it’s flipped.

Whatever the case may be with the actual proceedings of the divorce, it has certainly started a debate on social media. 

Where do you fall on Adele’s divorce rumors? Do you believe that this is justified if true or do you think that things should be swapped or evened out? Be sure to let us know in the comments!