AMC CEO Hopeful Theaters Will Re-Open Mid-June

AMC CEO Hopeful Theaters Will Re-Open Mid-June

Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Entertainment, is hopeful that the theater chain can re-open its doors by mid-June.

The chain originally closed, along with several others, when the current coronavirus pandemic was beginning to gain traction in an effort to keep people separated and flatten the curve.

Many theaters, including AMC, have expressed concern over having to be closed for so long, with the companies not making any money. Though recent aid from the Senate has given them some money to work with while sales are non-existent, there has still been some left wondering what will happen. Well, with that help, the National Association of Theater Owners is confident that theaters will be able to re-open once the pandemic is over. It’s just a question of when that will happen.

Aron believes that should be around mid-June, as he claimed in an appearance on Squawk Alley. He also said that the company had originally expected to be closed for six to twelve weeks, but if the middle of June proves to be true, that would be on the longer end of that spectrum.

Aron also expressed his excitement for people’s desire to go back to the theaters, saying, “I think if we learned anything in the last two weeks is people just so want to get out of their houses. I think we’re all feeling cooped up and want to get out and have life return to normal.”

He isn’t wrong about people wanting to go back to normal life, but he might be a little off on how quickly people will want to go back to crowded places like a theater.

A recent study, which evaluated people’s willingness to return to public spaces, showed that 49% said it would take time to feel comfortable returning to movie theaters, while 28% say they plan to visit theaters less often. While we are sure there are plenty who won’t have a problem going back, we’re not sure numbers will be quite as high as Aron is hoping for.

But the releases of delayed movies could get people to come back rather quickly. Several films have been delayed because of the pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped audiences from increasing their excitement (including us here).

One thing is for sure: theaters will have to make it clear that it is completely safe to go back for many of us to go back.

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