Are Movie Reboots a Death Rattle for Originality in Filmmaking?

Are Movie Reboots a Death Rattle for Originality in Filmmaking?

It seems to appear that Hollywood is running out of original ideas for the cinema.

They have been habitually rehashing, rebooting and remaking the same old stories that we’ve already witnessed during our lifetime.

You may think that it’s either laziness or hunger for easy money, but to some, we believe that maybe all the original ideas have already been taken.  

Some of these films that will premier in the year 2020 include The Grudge, The Invisible Man, Saw, The Crow, Candyman, and G.I. Joe. Yet, who’s to say that franchise films can’t be as good as original films?

I for one loved The Crow and Saw, but do I really believe that the original can be overthrown by the new and improved reboot?

With a steady stream of formulaic installments, we end up with a series of almost identical films allowing audiences again and again to enjoy the same thrills they had the first time around, which seems to be the formula Hollywood had in mind.

In case you didn’t know Nostalgia is the stock and trade of Hollywood for the time being, and studios make tons of money on the fact that people will pay good money to get a taste of something they once loved in their youth.

Most of the recent films in 2019 only just manage to hold themselves upon the crutch of old characters and ideas, now these generic movies with little genuine quality are churned out, but still, they make money, right?

With all the recent success of the Star War sequels and prequels, it doesn’t look like these reboots won’t be going away anytime soon.

The reluctance for these studios to innovate, push, and search for fresh and creative ideas are leading to stagnation in the film industry.

We all know that every successful movie with the franchise label began its life as an original film, and if movies are to continue to impact audiences so heavily, then studios must dig into their courage and imagination to create something new.