We selected our picks for the 10 best underwatched Horror movies on Netflix!

Best Netflix Horror Movies – Underrated Gems Available NOW

Horror movies are something that most of us love to hate. There’s something primal and fun about getting the hell scared out of you. But, some of the best horror movies are also some of the most underwatched and underrated. 

Certainly, movies like Get Out, It Follows and The Conjuring are highly rated for very good reasons. Just that some of the more unappreciated ones are just as worthy of praise, if not more praise in some cases.

So let’s get cracking on the BEST horror films that Netflix has to offer right now!


The Ritual

No doubt you’ve seen this movie thrown about in horror circles more than a few times in the last couple of years. Probably with the tagline or title of ‘underrated movie’ or ‘this movie deserves more praise’. While we are inclined to agree, it was pretty well received all things considered.

Directed by David Bruckner, who also brought horror fans the VHS film, is at the top of his game in this movie. One of the very rare times where not seeing the monster legitimately sets you on edge throughout the whole runtime. 

What truly sets this movie apart is the art direction and the cinematography. This is a gorgeous and haunting film visually. With unsettling monster design, the beautiful backdrop of the Norwegian forests etc. 

The Green Inferno

Might get a little bit of flak for including this movie, but I stand by the decision.

Eli Roth is a name that is both well known to the horror industry, and infamous to everyone else. I know him as Zachary Quinto’s evil twin. He’s become extremely well known for disguising deeper meanings inside of incredible off putting and gruesome films. Or rather, gruesome to people that love starting controversy.

Green Inferno is one of his less well made films in terms of actual scares. But, in terms of social commentary, visceral thrills, cinematography and acting, it’s by far one of his best!


An adaptation of Stephen King’s novel after the same name, 1922 is the story of how far one man will go. When in danger of losing his livelihood and not receiving a substantial amount of land, a farmer decides to kill his wife.

He convinces his son to help him, and they do so in one of the most unpleasant death scenes in filmmaking. Afterwards, it’s full of psychological horror as the two try to come to terms with what they did. Watching them try to justify it is part of what makes this movie so intensely unsettling to watch.

Doesn’t hurt that this movie relies completely on slow burn and visual horror rather than jump scares and loud noises.

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The Vault

James Franco stars in this terror film about a bank robbery that takes an unexpected turn. When their plans are put in a bind by three siblings who want access to a subterranean vault inside of the bank.

Definitely much more about suspense and terror than it is about horror. The Vault is more just scary in the real world sense of the word. After all, hostage situations happen all the time, and they’re terrifying as hell.


Gareth Evans, known for his stellar action films; The Raid: Redemption and The Raid II. He had tried his hand before with VHS: II, and honestly we think that it’s better than the original, I know hot takes here only.

Netflix’s Apostle marks the first time that Gareth Evans was trying a completely new horror concept. We already knew that he had a stellar eye for cinematography, pacing, editing and casting choices. Turns out, all of those things translated to this movie rather well.

You may not have seen much said about it, but it is one of the best horror films on Netflix right now. Maybe not entirely original, but the setting in 1905 and the religious cult focus combine for a scary good time!

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When a deaf woman living in the middle of nowhere is subjected to a masked killer stalking her, she has to survive as best she can. A truly novel concept that plays out with some of the most nail biting scenes in a home invasion movie.

Kate Siegel and John Gallagher Jr. are absolutely phenomenal as the two leads. With a constant cat and mouse operation unfolding, your fingernails will be stubs by the end of it.

Think along the lines of; A Quiet Place meets Scream. Terrifying, intense and truly original.


Okay, so this one is probably known by name to just about everybody. However, we’ve been surprised just how many people say that they never actually watched it, they just heard about it.

Let this list change your mind on that one, because Sinister is one of those films that will keep you up at night. Really the only part of this film that falls short is the last 30 minutes or so. The finale is just so cookie cutter compared to the rest of the film.

Ethan Hawke plays a novelist who discovers a bunch of old films and learns about what he believes to be a serial killer. Watching as his sanity slowly falls apart and something darker emerges. It’s scary as hell and wholly unique, up until that stupid finale.

The Witch

Much like Sinister, most of you have probably heard about this film from one person or list. Set in the 1700s, it’s not really a film that prides itself on adrenaline or jump scares.

Rather, The Witch is all about the unreal levels of suspense and slow burn anticipation that pervades the entire film. You’re constantly looking over your shoulder, constantly wondering what is about to happen, and it continually screws with you.

Robert Eggers, the director, has proven how particularly good at this he is. Also having directed last year’s amazing film, The Lighthouse. Give this movie a shot, you will not be disappointed.

As Above, So Below

Well, if you disliked us for The Green Inferno, then you’ll probably hate us for this entry. Although, probably not for the same reasons.

This movie was not exactly that well received during its theatrical run. Having come out at a time when found footage horror movies were just way too abundant. But, for those that were curious, a found footage movie set within the Paris catacombs were definitely interested.

What transpires is pretty standard setups. Slow beginning, very quick middle act and a slow burn finale. There’s definitely a fair share of jump scare in this movie, but the story is actually pretty cool and has some unexpected twists.

Green Room

Neo-Nazis, punk rock, gritty setting and incredible performances? When a band, down on their luck, take a gig, they find more than they bargained for when neo Nazi’s threaten their lives.

This movie is a freaking trip. Jeremy Saulnier directs this adrenaline fueled terror-fest to absolute perfection. With Patrick Stewart as the titular villain, the late Anton Yelchin as the band leader. Overall, this movie is just an unappreciated gem of pure terror, social commentary, gruesome practical effects and dedicated acting.


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