Bethesda Will Not Be Hosting Digital Replacement for Cancelled E3 Show

Bethesda Will Not Be Hosting Digital Replacement for Cancelled E3 Show

When E3 was cancelled last month amidst the current coronavirus pandemic, many companies turned to hosting digital live streams to announce all their new games, including Microsoft who usually hosts one of the biggest shows at the annual event.

This will not be the case for Bethesda, who has announced that they will not be hosting a digital replacement event.

Pete Hines, head of marketing for Bethesda, confirmed this news on Twitter today, citing the many challenges” the company is facing due to the pandemic.

It looks like the company could be spreading out their announcements throughout the year, instead of grouping them all into one show.

Originally, Bethesda had their own show scheduled for E3, and they were planning to show off quite a bit. They were planning to show off more of Arkane’s Deathloop and Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo. Many fans were hoping for more glimpses at Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield.

This comes a day after Bethesda had cancelled QuakeCon 2020, which would have been the show’s 25th anniversary, so this wasn’t a huge shock.

It seems that Bethesda is not taking any chances and changing gears fairly significantly during the pandemic. Regardless, we hope to see these projects get their time to shine.

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