Brothers in Arms is Making a comeback - As a TV show no less

Brothers in Arms is Making a comeback – As a TV show no less

Once considered one of the best examples of a well made and compelling WWII game, now sadly forgotten. Brothers in Arms is one of gaming’s forgotten golden childs. However, due to a recent leak, we may be seeing more Brothers in Arms fairly soon in the form of a TV Series.

The TV series is being helmed by director Scott Rosenbaum, known for his work on series like The Shield and V. So he absolutely knows his stuff when it comes to gritty realizations and strong character work.

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Synopsis for the story is fairly light on some details. Story will focus on 8 soldiers who have to go behind enemy lines to rescue a Colonel before the Nazis discover plans about D-Day. The story will look at both sides, Axis and Allies and are basing the characters on real people.

War is Cool Again in Media… Why Does that feel wrong to type

This is good news for anyone who was a fan of the original Brothers in Arms game. As it took a look at the D-Day invasion but sprinkled in some WWII PTSD for psychological effects. It was also renowned among communities as one of the most historically accurate games for the time period.

Developers on the game even took 3D renderings of maps at the time of WWII to create the level design. While motion capture teams studied WWII tactics to give a feeling of authenticity to the way things played out.

We’re certainly excited to see how this TV series plays out over the coming months. After the rampant success of projects like Band of Brothers and The Pacific, WWII fans are hungry for more. And after films like 1917 and Hacksaw Ridge made war movies good again, the time is ripe.

What do you make of Gearbox’s decision to make Brothers in Arms a TV Series? Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below and follow Scoophash for more Brothers in Arms updates!