"Cats" Editors Spent More Time on First Trailer Than on Film

“Cats” Editors Spent More Time on First Trailer Than on Film

We all remember how scared we were when we saw the first trailer for the nightmarish take on the Broadway classic, Cats. It did not bode well for the film, and now we have information that the trailer took more time to make than the film itself.

The film has been the source of so many jokes and memes since that trailer dropped, and there have been many rumors coming out about the production process. Now, we have information that comes from the Daily Beast:

“It took the team six months to produce the film’s two-minute trailer, the source said. After that, roughly four months remained to complete the entire film. Visual effects supervisors were the only members of the team who met with Hooper—and by the end of production, Cats had burned through multiple.”


Now, this source is anonymous so take it with a grain of salt. Mill Film, the visual effects company behind the film, has stated that there are NDA’s in place that would prohibit a member to come forward with their name, even if they wanted to.

Also, according to the source, the director of the film, Tom Hooper, did not run the post-production process the wrong way. They describe working 90-hour work weeks for months straight, with some days leading to the members sleeping under their desks in between shifts. They claim:

“We were so rushed on the project that we’d have no time for anything. So when people say, ‘Oh, the effects were not good,’ or ‘The animation’s not good,’ or anything, that’s not our fault. We have no time. Six months to do a two-minute trailer and four months to do a film of an hour and a half.”


It seems that Hooper just had no grasp of how to make film with such a reliance of visual effects, and had the crew render full sequences to show him, when it is normal to have rough cuts viewed to save time. He was also alleged to have sent personal emails in order to criticize their work.

Cats seems like it was destined to fail from the start, and these rumors certainly don’t help. 2019’s biggest joke just keeps getting worse, and yet, we are going to keep laughing.


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