Celebrity Cruises Faces New Lawsuit by Passengers

Celebrity Cruises Faces New Lawsuit by Passengers

Sailing the High Legal Seas

After several issues with cruise lines among COVID closures, the first big lawsuit is now officially raging on. Fred and Marlene Kantrow from Long Island, New York, are pursuing Celebrity Cruises with a lawsuit.

They claim that Celebrity Cruises’ were negligent and exposed passengers willingly. Essentially pursuing profits and comfort over quarantine and medical safety.

Inside of the lawsuit, the Kantrows and witnesses claim that the Cruise ship Eclipse was aware of COVID cases. Despite having knowledge of the active case, Celebrity cruise still had activities and buffets. Unfortunately for Celebrity Cruises, there is a lot of evidence to back it up.

The CDC found cause for concern and had even issued a no sail order to ensure the slow of the spread. Despite this order, and despite the existing knowledge, Celebrity continued with all scheduled events.

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Everyone Was in the Dark

Kantrow’s had no idea that there was even something wrong until a day after the CDC order. When Celebrity was denied port entry in Chile and had to make a trip backwards towards San Diego. According to the Kantrow’s, even after the turnaround, guests were still encouraged to enjoy barooms and food.

“They crammed the buffet area with everybody,” said Marlene Kantrow. “Everybody was touching each other.”

When they were finally allowed to disembark after a month at sea, Fred Kantrow started feeling ill. Even though the cruise was over, the Kantrows and other passengers were told there were no more active cases. And they did not update anyone until two days after disembarkment.

As passengers and crew alike are reacting to the lawsuit, Celebrity has declined to comment on the matter. With more than 50,000 employees still stuck on cruise ships around the globe, tensions are pretty high.

If lines like Celebrity continue to fail to report accurate numbers, it could spell more than disaster for their company. It could lead to deaths and more illnesses due to a misconception of safety.

Time is not on the side of cruise lines, as the lawsuits mount, many are watching to see what happens.


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