E3 Cancelled? It's Certainly Getting There

E3 Cancelled? It’s Certainly Getting There

Earlier in the year and in 2019 there was some disconcerting news about the state of E3 and it’s plans for 2020. Well, it does seem that there is a little more accuracy to the rumors and issues than previously thought.

Little over a month ago Geoff Keighley also announced that he would be absent from 2020’s E3. Citing concerns with the business plans and the desire to be more influencer focused.

Well, now we have yet another group dropping from the prolific event. Community organizer and well known video game presenter iam8bit has dropped from E3. 

In an announcement from the community developer they confirmed that they had left the event, not really citing any reasons for why.

There was no official reason given by iam8bit however the ESA gave a brief statement. 

“We can confirm that Iam8bit is no longer part of the inter-agency group working on E3 2020. We greatly value their passion for the video game industry and the contributions they brought toward our vision for this year’s show,”

Because we all know E3 was going to be great again

There’s quite a bit of issues with E3 and this is just one of many of those issues surrounding the show. Nintendo left the event last year, Sony will not be attending, 3000 journalists left, Keighley etc.

There is simply no shortage of things going wrong for E3. And with GDC being postponed as well, and COVID-19 causing concerns, not a good time.