Everything You Need To Know About POS Solutions Canada

What are POS system solutions? How do we identify the best POS solutions? Let’s get there!

A point of sale “POS” stands for “Point of Sale.” Although this term can refer to the physical space to which users go to make their purchases, POS system solutions also apply to programs intended to systematize the control of sales and inventories of the physical point of a business.

POS solutions seek to increase businesses’ productivity, helping them invoice quickly and keep total control of income at the points of sale.

What Are The Types Of POS? 

To be clear about the concepts, it is necessary to define them below:

Traditional POS System Solutions

A traditional POS system operates on a single computer network and needs to be installed individually on each computer you want to work on. A license is required to use these traditional systems, and their updates must be done manually.

Traditional POS system solutions are usually more expensive and require a local server to store information, just as it is necessary to purchase robust equipment for its operation.

Cloud POS System Solutions

POS systems in the cloud are the current and most recommended option in POS since they work through the internet and allow users to access it from any device, such as a tablet, computer, or cell phone.

The advantage of a POS system in the cloud is that it does not require installation and can be consulted from anywhere quickly and with updated information.

How Do POS Solutions Work?

POS system solutions are primarily used at points of sale, where users go to make their purchases. The process of making a sale is usually similar in all systems. Making a sale with the POS system occurs as follows:

  • Customers go to the point of sale to pay for their products.
  • The cashier, already using a POS system, has the technology to record the sale quickly.
  • Customer data is collected. POS system solutions allow users to be added as frequent contacts in this case. This way, they will already be registered in the database for future purchases.
  • The cashier marks each item to be billed in the system. For this occasion, the items can be created in advance or immediately during the sale. Similarly, the POS system allows the integration of a barcode reader to facilitate the process.
  • The system calculates the total price and shows the forms of payment and the amount of money to return in exchange if it is in cash.
  • The payment is registered, and the data is saved in the system. Finally, an invoice is generated in strip format with all the necessary data and delivered to the buyer. If you have a cash drawer, it opens along with the print so you can store your money.
  • This quick and easy process takes no more than 1 minute to keep it updated in real-time.

What Types Of Businesses Implement POS Solutions In Canada?

POS system solutions can be implemented in any business, such as:

  • Grocery stores, minimarket, warehouses, hardware stores, and shops
  • Retail sector
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Bars, cafes, and services

8 Advantages Of Having POS Solutions In CANADA:

 Currently, the mobility presented by POS Solutions is being widely used worldwide, where staff place orders directly from a tablet and go to where the users are.

  1. Create and print invoices at your points of sale.
  2. Manage your products to have them in your cash register immediately.
  3. Accept credit cards, cash, and other payment methods.
  4. Sync your inventory in real time.
  5. Use barcode readers to streamline the sales process.
  6. Manage multiple vendors.
  7. Integrate your accounting with all your branches.
  8. Get sales reports and cashier shifts.

Many of the best POS solutions have been designed to track the number of products being handled in inventory.