Expert Opinion: To Sleep Better, Stop Using This Type Of App

Expert Opinion: To Sleep Better, Stop Using This Type Of App.

Are you using a sleep tracking app on your smartphone? We suggest you to uninstall the app as it could make your sleep worse.

A British sleep expert has set off alarms that sleep tracking apps are not good for people.

Dr. Guy Leschziner, a sleep disorder specialist working at Guy’s hospital in London says that the use of sleep tracking technology can increase anxieties about sleep to the point where users can actually develop insomnia.

The sleep tracking apps monitor sleep and provide patterns about the user’s sleep, which can create more trouble even if you are sleeping enough.

Dr. Leschziner said that they have observed a lot of people who have developed significant insomnia as a result of either sleep tracking apps or reading certain things about how devastating sleep deprivation is for you.

In his view, sleep trackers are fairly cynical. If a person wakes up feeling tired and has not slept well in the night it doesn’t necessarily mean that a problem exists.

If a time to wake up and sleep is fixed and you feel refreshed then there is no need for any app.