Extension of Masks Mandate on Plane and Public Transit for Two More Weeks

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The recent covid-19 breaking news brings to the fore pressure from airlines, the hospitality industry, and Republican lawmakers to end the use of the mask that the CDC is against. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have extended the federal transportation mask requirement for two more weeks.

It has cited the spread of the Omicron sub variant of the coronavirus known as BA. 2, which according to CDC now makes up more than 85 percent of the new US virus cases. There has been a rise in covid-19 variant and sub-variant cases since the start of April, because of which the order by CDC is to remain in place to assess the impact of the rise.

The past few days have witnessed ticking up of Covid-19 cases. As of Tuesday, 31000 new cases were reported, which is 8 percent more than the last two weeks. New York City and Washington D.C. both are among the most affected parts of the country, where there has been a dramatic surge in cases. The reported cases may be an undercount since the greater access to at-home tests means there are results that have not been officially recorded or reported.

There has been an appreciation of the decision by some travelers and commuters who say they feel safer with masks in crowded places such as airports, buses, and railway stations. However, the news has also been received with disappointment by some. Although according to public health experts, the use of masks helps slow down the transmission of the virus.

During the recent few months, airlines and the hospitality industry have been lobbying the White House to overturn the mask rule and the test requirement for those returning to the United States from abroad. For them, it is an unnecessary measure that is hurting the country economically.

However, the enforcement of the law has been one of the most challenging aspects of the mask mandate. There have been many passengers abusing verbally and even physically assaulting the flight attendants who reminded covering their nose and mouth. Ahead of the passing of the mandate, major unions representing flight attendants and Transportation Security Administration employees, the two groups left to deal with the enforcing of the rule, declined to take a stance.

On the other hand, the President of the union representing Transportation Security Administration employees, he will comply with the agency’s mandate as it protected families and the public flying on the airplanes.

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