How to Use Amazon Alexa’s Whisper Mode

How to Use Amazon Alexa’s Whisper Mode

Have you ever faced the problem with your Amazon Alexa voice mode that may disturb other people around you?

Amazon has come up with a solution. With the new update on Amazon Alexa, you can turn on Whisper Mode.

When the whisper mode is active on Alexa, you can whisper your command and you will quietly get your answer. It will be convenient for you and other members of the household so that everyone doesn’t have to hear the answer!

To turn on whisper mode, open the Alexa app on your Android or iPhone. Then tap the menu button on the top left of the app and select the settings menu.

After that select Alexa account, then choose Alexa Voice Responses. User will be able to activate whisper mode by sliding to the “on” mode.

Amazon says the feature is only one of many it’s working on in an effort to make it’s AI-powered Alexa speak more naturally and respond to your conversation cues more intuitively.

Hope you enjoy the new whisper mode of Amazon Alexa. More updates in the device may be introduced further to make your life more comfortable and easy going.