Is Zack Snyder Returning to the DCEU?

Is Zack Snyder Returning to the DCEU?

Rumors about the Snyder Cut and Zack Snyder’s involvement in the DCEU are heating up, once again, after fans noticed an interesting hashtag on an announcement for a viewing party of Snyder’s Man of Steel.

Much like he did a couple months ago for Batman v. Superman, Snyder is planning to host a viewing party of his Superman film on his Vero account, along with a Q&A afterwards.

In the announcement photo released by Vero for the party, an interesting hashtag was spotted:

Man of Steel announcement


Obviously, we don’t know for sure what this means, but many fans are thinking it could be referring to Snyder’s return to the DCEU.

It has been confirmed that Snyder had a five-film arc planned for his films in the universe, a story that he wasn’t able to finish after he dropped out of 2017’s Justice League for personal reasons. Since then, there have been many requests for him to come back, with #ReleaseTheSnyderCut being a trending topic for awhile.

People have noticed, however, that the hashtag is missing from Snyder’s own post about the viewing party, leading some to wonder if Vero let slip an announcement too early.

HBO Max has been connected with the Snyder Cut, being a platform many believe to be the perfect place for Snyder’s original vision to be released. This would mean that a theatrical release wouldn’t need to be worried about, and fans around the world could access it from their home. But, of course, these are all just rumors and there hasn’t been an official announcement for any of it.

One thing we do know, for sure, is that we will be watching intently when the viewing party happens on Wednesday.

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