Jared Leto Nearly Died, shares a harrowing video

Jared Leto Nearly Died, shares a harrowing video

Rock climbing is a dangerous sport

Leto has never been one to shy away from risks, the Morbius star’s luck may be running out though. Earlier today he shared a video from a rock climbing escapade with Free Solo star Alex Hannold.

As can be seen in the video, Leto was climbing up a portion of the rock when he became aware that his rope was fraying.

Which, when you’re currently suspended more than 600ft in the air and that rope is your only safety. Well, the danger becomes much more readily apparent and you have to act quickly.

Forewarning, there is quite a bit of swearing in this video so either plug in some headphones or mute it. To be fair, Jared Leto nearly died, I’d be searing a whole lot more.


Certainly a death defying moment, as that rope was literally seconds away from snapping through completely. His moments leading up to the realization and the panic afterwards is nothing short of terrifying.

While this moment was certainly frightening, it was not enough to dissuade Leto or Hannold from continuing. They resumed climbing well into the night.

Alex Hannold has been friends with Leto for years. And his rock climbing adventures has become world famous after the Oscar winning Documentary, Free Solo.

One thing is for sure, we’re happy that Leto did not plunge 600 ft. We’re not certain we’d maintain the same level of calm in that same situation.