George Miller's cancelled DC movie sounds like it would've been truly epic to see

Jay Baruchel Shares Details on Justice League: Mortal

George Miller’s Justice League

You’d be forgiven for not even knowing that Justice League: Mortal was a thing. The cancelled film project being led by Mad Max director George Miller, had a lot of early promise. But it was far too ahead of its time and never saw the light of day. Thus was the fate of Justice League: Mortal.

Nonetheless, with the unforeseen success of the Snyder Cut on everyone’s minds, more people want to know about Mortal. Considering how little we know about it, any information is more or less, new information.

One thing that we did know was that Jay Baruchel, known for voicing Hiccup, was the intended villain of the film. He was going to be starring as DC villain Maxwell Lord, which honestly sounds awesome. Recently, during an interview, Jay Baruchel shared his thoughts on the film never coming out. Turns out, he really wishes that it would.

I sure hope so. For me, whenever I think of that movie, I have a lump in my throat, and it’s not because I didn’t get to star in a huge movie. It’s because I didn’t get to be in this specific movie. Had that movie gone into production, I had been offered by George Miller a chance to shadow him as a director. I was going to apprentice under him. There I was in Australia with him for two weeks. That was like the coolest thing in the world. Then there was the movie we were going to make. They had costumes done and a lot of concept art and designs and (previsualization). It was cool shit. The script was really, really awesome. So it’s a pity it didn’t get made. It’s still my favourite iteration of the Superman suit and (Armie Hammer’s) Batman that was going to be in this was a pretty hard take on the character as was the Wonder Woman. I think Justice League: Mortal was a heavier story than people realize it was going to be. It was going to be some strong medicine. So, at some point, I certainly hope the world gets a chance to see a glimpse of what they were putting together.”

Baruchel wasn’t the only star of the film who feels let down

So it sounds like Justice League: Mortal was going to be something that fans and moviegoers had never seen before. A dark, gritty and grounded take on the Justice League that would’ve been a stark contrast to the Joss Whedon film or the MCU.

Honestly, considering how much fans are clamoring for films like the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut, we think it probably would’ve been a huge classic. 

Baruchel wasn’t the only star of the film who feels let down by it not taking off. Adam Brody, who recently appeared in Shazam!, talked about how his role as The Flash never being seen was a huge let down for him.

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Brody wasn’t the only big up and coming actor to be attached to the film either. Armie Hammer as Batman, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, Common as Jon Stewart, Santiago Cabrera as Aquaman, Hugh Keays-Bynre as Martian Manhunter. And while Baruchel would be playing the title villain, Teresa Palmer would also be making an appearance as Talia Al Ghul. 

You can’t tell us that the cast doesn’t sound like a rock solid lineup. Sure, at the time most of these actors weren’t really well known people, but we think that’s what would’ve made the movie so special.

sounds like such a winning combination of talent

Usually when lesser known actors get a change to prove themselves, they go all out. And after seeing Hammer in films like Call Me By Your Name, he proved that he has the acting chops that many assumed he didn’t. 

Similarly, Common had a great turn in the AMC series Hell on Wheels. Megan Gale, who was one of the survivor women in Mad Max: Fury Road, is the spitting image of Wonder Woman. Santiago Cabrera, from Big Little Lies and Che: Part One, would’ve been a stellar Aquaman. Byrne, known for his roles in Mad Max, could’ve been a very unsettling Martian Manhunter, which we’d be all about. Lastly, Teresa Palmer, from Lights Out and Hacksaw Ridge, could’ve made an awesome Talia. 


Overall, this cast just sounds like such a winning combination of talent that we’re depressed it never got the treatment it should’ve. But what happened to the film that stopped it from releasing? After all, back in 2008 The Dark Knight changed our perspective on superhero films forever. Well, simply put, it was wrong place wrong time.

Back in 2008 – 2009, the Writer’s Guild Strike led to several production issues inside of WB and Justice League: Mortal was caught in the crossfire. Sadly ending it’s chance despite having been worked on, filmed and scripted for a whole year before the cancellation happened.

Justice League: Mortal was a victim of the times

George Miller cited a lot of financial issues were some of the biggest reasons that Mortal never saw the light of day. Coupled with the strike ensuing production issues, Justice League: Mortal was a victim of the times.

Man would we have loved to see a Justice League film from George Miller. After the revolutionary Mad Max: Fury Road proved that he was a director of singular vision and talent, it’s hard to imagine anyone disagreeing with us. Imagine that same level of grit, spectacle, soundtrack and cinematic intensity in a Justice League movie! That sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

I mean hey, who knows what could happen these days. Most people never thought that the Snyder Cut would see fruition and here we are. Less than a year from now everyone will get to see Zack Snyder’s true vision of what he wanted to accomplish.

Similarly, as we briefly mentioned, fans are now shouting from the rooftops for Suicide Squad to receive the same treatment. Fans want to see the darker, grittier and more emotional side of DC. As well as just wanting to see director’s getting to make the films that they want to make. So, maybe we should get some new hashtags trending this upcoming month.



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