Kurt Fenech Permanently Banned from All EA FIFA Events

Kurt Fenech Permanently Banned from All EA FIFA Events

Long time advocate of the FIFA series and strong vocal denouncer of EA, Kurt Fenech has been permanently banned from all FIFA events.

In a statement on his Twitter today, he showed how EA has effectively blacklisted him from nearly everything.


To the unaware this may seem a little harsh, and even upon inspection it seems like an overreaction. Fenech has long been against EA after some notable changes to the way the company did its business.

He’s been outspoken at several events, and numerous antagonization by Fenech have occurred on his livestreams. Spitting on the EA logo, insulted their game designs and just been outspoken against EA in general.

Sure, his actions warranted some blowback. However, he was just expressing his disdain at a game company and their product, and that isn’t illegal.

EA is well within their rights to ban him, but it may be just a little bit of a reach.

With the recent controversy that we saw with companies like Activision and more recently Blizzard, no doubt this will blow up.

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