Making the Cut - Best way to get a new binge fix and fashion fix at once!

Making the Cut – Best way to get a new binge fix and fashion fix at once!

Making the Cut is a new competition show from the legendary talents of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. As the world still tries to figure everything out, this new enterprising show is a great escape from the worries for a little bit!

Here’s how it works, and it’s actually pretty cool: Each week, fashion designers from around the world are selected to compete in an open battle of looks and style. As the list dwindles, they must make increasingly difficult decisions to adjust their branding. 

The winner receives two major things; their styles and designs become available to buy on Amazon as products. And, the winner also receives a 1million dollar donation to their brand for future production.

Overall, the first season is pretty rock solid! With stellar personalities from Klum and Gunn, and great looks inside the heartbreaks and victories of fashion design.

Klum and Gunn are allowed to make changes and challenges on the fly for the contestants. Making it not only a battle of pure visual style, but a battle of adaptibility and nuance as well.

If you’re looking for the perfect little binge watch, the 4 episodes are very easy to binge. Totaling at just under 4 hours (including credits) Making the Cut is a fantastic way to spend the weekend.

Come for Klum and Gunn and stay for the great ability to see the cutting edge of fashion design and even score some of the winner’s products!