Man Named Tupac Shakur Files for Unemployment

Man Named Tupac Shakur Files for Unemployment

While it has been a long time since the rapper, Tupac Shakur, was murdered, there is still someone with that name who exists, and that man recently tried to file for unemployment and ran into trouble in doing so.

This Tupac is a 46-year-old cook who worked at the Alfalfa’s and Lynagh’s restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky. This restaurant has been one of the businesses closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, which is why Shakur had file for unemployment. He did so on March 13th, and received his monetary determination letter four days later. However, he did not receive his money soon after.

This is because the application was believed to be a fraud. In fact, Shakur was called out in a press conference by Kentucky governor, Andy Beshear, as an example of someone making a joke with the applications. Beshear is certainly right about fraudulent applications being an issue, but he chose the wrong example to use.

Fortunately, the government has now understood that he is, in fact, telling the truth with his application and working on getting the situation resolved.

Beshear had even mentioned him in a later press conference, thanking him for being kind and understanding during the entire process, which shows just how valuable it can be to just be calm about it.

Shakur, the cook, legally changed his name in 1998, two years after the rapper was shot and killed. However, he didn’t do it out of fan service to the rapper; he did it because he converted to Muslim in the early 90’s, choosing Shakur because it means “thankful to God” in Arabic.

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