New GTA In Development as Rockstar Looks to Reduce Crunch

New GTA In Development as Rockstar Looks to Reduce Crunch

Rockstar Games is working on a new Grand Theft Auto game, though it is going to be a ways away and may take a slightly different shape due to changes coming to the developer.

An anonymous source close to Rockstar confirmed to IGN that the developer behind Red Dead Redemption 2 is working on the the next entry in their massively-popular series, as was first reported by Kotaku.

The initial report by Kotaku was focused on the changes that are coming to the workplace that are supposedly happening at Rockstar after the company received backlash over their handling of crunch time during Red Dead Redemption 2‘s development. The report goes on to explain that because of the changing nature of the office, Rockstar is considering ways of altering the production to avoid crunch.

Crunch is the process by which developers work excruciating overtime hours in order to meet deadlines and release dates. It is usually near the end of a game’s development, and given the game still being in early stages, it remains to be seen how crunch will be avoided for this game.

According to the report, Rockstar has changed leadership in their offices, outside management training, and plans to improve technology pipelines and scheduling for production on the next game, in order to get to the root of these crunch issues. While there is still more work to be done, anonymous sources expressed some cautious optimism about the future.

Crunch has been a long-talked about issue that has plagued the game industry, with many developers and studios coming under fire for their handling of crunch time. Other studios like CD Projekt Red have come under fire as well for the amount of overtime their workers have had to put in.

Grand Theft Auto 6 has had no official announcement yet, so take this rumor with a grain of salt, as always. But given the massive success the studio has seen with the last entry in the series, it is no surprise they are looking to the future.

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