New York Death Toll Reachs 6,000, Governor Cuomo Set to Reditribute Medical Supplies

New York Death Toll Reachs 6,000, Governor Cuomo Set to Reditribute Medical Supplies

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, will sign off on an executive order that will allow the state to redistribute ventilators and medical supplies from institutions that don’t need them anymore to medical facilities in parts of the state that do.

More and more ventilators are needed as the amount of coronavirus cases continues to grow, with more than 102,000 cases and 2,935 deaths statewide as of Friday morning. Of those deaths, 562 people died in the last 24 hours, marking the biggest single-day increase in deaths.

The supplies taken by this order will be returned or the institution will be reimbursed.

Just the day before, Cuomo said they had about six days left until they ran out of ventilators.

At least 261,438 Americans have been infected, and nearly 6,700 have died. All states but Wyoming have reported deaths. This has led to many experts vouching for aggressive stay-at-home orders for the country.

President Trump has been resistant to placing a nationwide order, but most states have issued their own in efforts to flatten the curve. The states who have not made the order are Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends communities be evaluated for four consecutive weeks and demonstrate three achievements before starting to return to normal life.

Those recommendations require that communities demonstrate a decrease in cases and deaths, a decrease in Covid-19-associated hospitalizations while also keeping the capacity to care for the sick, and the public health capacity to investigate and control the virus.

It is unclear if the White House Task Force has approved these recommendations or when these requirements would take effect, but they do appear to be in line with Trump’s announcement this week to extend social distancing to April 30th.

The country has been setting stricter rules as the virus continues to spread around the world, with the hopes that these aggressive measures will be help contain the spread to a manageable place.

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