NIPSEY HUSSLE TRIBUTE - Remembering one of the greats

NIPSEY HUSSLE TRIBUTE – Remembering one of the greats

A short year ago the music industry mourned the loss of Nipsey Hussle, a renowned activist and rapper. The young man was only 33 when he was gunned down in front of his clothing store on March 31st, 2019.

The man who gunned him down did so out of spite, believing Nipsey to be a snitch. The man in question, Eric Holder, was in a conversation with Hussle when things apparently took a turn. Holder is scheduled to go on trail later this year on April 14th.

Known for his work on standout albums like “The Marathon Continues” as well as “Victory Lap”. His signature style of hard hitting lyrics delivered with aggression and power, and his soulful beats.

Nipsey may have been known for his amazing music and style, but it was his outgoing nature that made him an inspiration. Known for working with as many people as he could and always striving to outdo himself every time that he could.

He will be known for a long time as one of the greats who was sadly shut down in the prime of his career. Leaving behind a daughter and family, his death was felt throughout the industry and fan base.

As we grieve for the loss of this amazing artist we also have his incredible work he left behind. Always an inspiration and always a fantastic mark on the Rap scene.