Not So Super: Very Little New Comic Books Planned for April

Not So Super: Very Little New Comic Books Planned for April

Well, the current coronavirus pandemic has hit just about every facet of the entertainment industry, including comic books, as there will be no new comic books released, physically or digitally, during the month of April.

There were many stories going around recently about how comic book companies were going to release new comics during this entire situation, with Diamond Comics Distributor, which is the main distributor for most U.S. publishers, announcing plans to stop shipping as of April 1st, meaning comic book stores would not be receiving any news books to sell.

And we have final confirmation about what will be happening with the two biggest comic book companies: Marvel and DC during this time.

DC had earlier reports that they would continue with their normal production in digital form, they have clarified their plan: A limited selection of books will now be published every week, with most 4/1 books postponed.The exceptions to this are collector editions like Batman: Creature of the Night and Event Leviathan and digital-first titles like Batman: The Adventures Continue – Chapter 1. They may release other books in digital form, but that will be on a case-by-case basis.

As for Marvel, they also confirmed that their 4/1 books would not be released, physically or digitally. In regards to future weeks, they made no mention of those titles and said that “as more information is available, we will outline our longer-term plans and opportunities to support you and the industry.”

It isn’t necessarily a surprise , but it is still a bummer for a lot of us comics fans. Comics can be a great form of escape for a lot of us, and to have those resources limited is a let-down. Regardless, this could be the best time for us to catch up on any issues we haven’t gotten to.

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