#RIPFortnite Trends as Fans Complain of Game Changes

#RIPFortnite Trends as Fans Complain of Game Changes

Twitter is seeing a new hashtag trending right now: #RIPFortnite, with more than 30,000 posts around the world.

The hashtag seems to be in protest to the current state of the game, the most popular battle-royale on the market. There doesn’t seem to be just one main reason for fans to be protesting, other than the general issue that the game is not what it used to be. Many fans claim the game’s focus on skill-based matchmaking has made the game far more serious, while others are upset at the server issues happening due to self-isolation around the world.


To be fair, there are quite a few posts using the hashtag to ask what it means, so the number of people actually complaining is lower than those posted.

But we all know Fortnite isn’t going anywhere. It’s one of the biggest games EVER, and its playerbase is just too big to leave the game completely. There are plenty of people using the hashtag to poke fun at the game, especially those who prefer other games in the genre. Plus, we all know these same players will be playing the game again.

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