Senate Authorizes Probe Into Hunter Biden

Those Who Do Not Learn From History…

After lengthy deliberation, the US Senate has officially decided to investigate Hunter Biden’s businesses closer. In an 8 – 6 vote, the Senate moved ahead with a Subpoena into Blue Star Strategies. This PR Firm run by Hunter Biden is involved in several businesses in Ukraine and abroad.

Despite this ‘invasion’ into the firm’s history, Blue Star is publicly confused at the senate’s decision. Claiming that they have been forthcoming and have been actively cooperating with the Senate committee. That seems to be going around lately with all of these high level subpoenas.

However, according to the Senate, the pace was only quickened when they announced the vote. Saying that the Blue Star legal team did nothing until they announced the subpoena vote, raising more suspicion.

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Snowball Effects

Earlier in 2014, Hunter Biden pocketed $3million during the Ukrainian annexation with Crimea. Which is what started the snowball of events that would eventually lead to today. In 2019, Trump was impeached on grounds of abuse of power when he investigated Biden for that very act. Claiming that Biden had done the very thing that Trump himself had been accused of.

Recently in 2016, Biden also threatened to withhold billions of dollars until Ukraine removed a corrupt leader of state. Afterwards, Biden was implicated in a deal with China that would see billions going directly into his pocket.

Nothing is immediately illicit about any of these findings, but it did raise questions about Biden’s ability to be president. Concerned with repeating the same problems that Trump did as a businessman and father in addition to being president.

Until a decision is made, details are far and between.


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