Some Side Hustles Which Are common Scams

Some Side Hustles Which Are common Scams

Everybody likes extra income and ‘side hustles’ are becoming increasingly famous among workers and can be a great option to earn some extra money. When it seems easy, sometimes people are less bothered about its genuineness or the details.

Be that as it may, as indicated by Business Insider, some side hustles are valid. But truth be told, sometimes they’re tricks.

Here are some side hustles that will never pay for your work, or are just scam.

In a famous book by Julia Kent ‘Shopping for a Billionaire’, she writes that she always wanted to be a mystery shopper. She says that some of the mystery shopper jobs are just scams. Some companies will trap you with a job offer and then burgle you in any way they can!

Many Multi-level marketing companies act like a pyramid scheme where new members are added and sold products that sit in storage (more money) or garages for months or even years.

Next is envelope stuffing, which is clearly a scam. There is no job like this.

Copy editing and writing jobs are one of the common kind of fraudulent jobs; there are only emails and no face of the company. It’s essential to verify a company before approving content writer job. You should try to do through services like Fiverr to make sure you get paid.

There are many ads regarding paid online surveys we come across while browsing, but it is just like other scams. Some companies will make you sign up with a fee and will never give you anything in return after answering the survey.

Driving jobs are also sometimes a scam where scammers demand an upfront fee and disappear.

Caveat Emptor – Let the buyer beware!