Suicide Squad: David Ayer Teases Cut Katana Scene

More fuel to the Ayer Cut fire has come today, as Ayer himself has given us a glimpse at a scene cut from the movie that involved Katana, a character woefully reduced to the sidelines in the theatrical cut of Suicide Squad.

Ayer posted the clip to his Instagram story, so fans could only catch a glimpse for 24 hours. Luckily, screenshots on the internet last forever, so we won’t have to worry about it disappearing.

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Suicide Squad: David Ayer Teases Cut Katana Scene

The scene was a part of the film’s final battle, in which the villain would possess Katana, forcing her to begin fighting her squadmates. It certainly would have added another layer to the film’s final battle, and also given us a bit more of her character in action.

Katana is not the only character to suffer from her scenes being cut from the film, with Jared Leto’s Joker having a majority of his scenes cut, rendering the character barely a part of the film.

Suicide Squad was a highly-anticipated film in 2016, but studio interference ultimately caused the movie to be disjointed, messy, and just illogical. Gone was Ayer’s grittier take on the characters, and instead we got some attempts at being edgy combined with misplaced humor and jokes.

With Zack Snyder getting his shot at releasing his version of Justice League, many have wondered if we could get the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad. Ayer has expressed interest in it, and says doing so would be easy and cathartic for him.

We would certainly be interested in seeing what the Ayer Cut would look like, but we just don’t know the odds of it actually becoming a reality. DC seems to be learning their lesson about meddling too much in their films so maybe they would be willing to make things right.

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