The Body's Trouble of Being Pregnant After 35

The Body’s Trouble of Being Pregnant After 35

Back in the day, people would typically have kids at the age of around eighteen to twenty-one. Today, there are more people waiting to get married after they have already established a career. Although it’s smart to have financial security before committing to having a baby or even a relationship, women face risks of having challenging pregnancies over the age of 35.

For example, scientist have said that as women gets older, the chances of their pregnancy being complicated increases. These complications include miscarriages, premature delivery, still birth, and other mental problems within the baby. Although, not everyone who has a kid at the age of thirty-five will have these problems. The pregnancy itself is determined by the mother’s lifestyle and her body’s health.

The people who are at the most risk are the ones who don’t keep their physical or mental health at bay. But just because you’re a healthy person doesn’t mean having a baby at around forty years old will be the same as having a baby at twenty.

With these challenges of older pregnancies, doctors suggest that woman who are pregnant over the age of thirty-five should have weekly check-ups to monitor the baby’s (or babies’) health. Overall, there is still no clear indications on what exactly causes ‘older’ pregnancies to be more challenging. The only thing that suggests it is the natural process of the body getting older and not being able to maintain two bodies at one time.