The World’s Most Valuable Brands

The World’s Most Valuable Brands

Amazon surpassed both Apple and Google to grab the title of the world’s most valuable brand in 2019, according to the latest BrandZ ranking by WPP and Kantar.

Technology, Finance, and retail companies reported more than two-thirds of brand value across the list. AT & T was number ten as per the list.

The fast-food chain McDonald’s stood on number 9, followed by Tencent that is buoyed by the continued strength of its WeChat Brand.

Alibaba, Facebook, and Visa were respectively named in the list. The top 4th position was taken by Microsoft & Google in the top third is still the most used search platform in the world.

The second brand Apple has worked to position itself as not a device brand, but as the technology ecosystem with many branded devices and services as written in a report by BrandZ.

The E-commerce giant, Amazon hit the top of the list among global brands, with an estimated value of $315.5 billion.