Tom Cruise Teaming Up with Elon Musk for First Movie Shot in Space

Tom Cruise Teaming Up with Elon Musk for First Movie Shot in Space

Tom Cruise is continuing to push the limits with his movie stunts, with the announcement that he is teaming up with Elon Musk to shoot the first film in space.

We don’t know much about the movie other than the fact that it is not a part of the Mission: Impossible series, which is a real shame given that Ethan Hunt is the perfect character to push the boundaries.

Musk is no stranger to pushing the possibilities in space as well, given his company, SpaceX’s, goal to colonize Mars. In 2018, SpaceX sent a rocket into space carrying 141,000 pounds of cargo, a feat he didn’t think as possible. Now, he is going for impossible again by filming the first film out there.

It is no surprise at all that Cruise is the first actor to spearhead this effort, given his reluctance to settle for anything less than the craziest stunts. He flew his own planes in Top Gun: Maverick and performed a HALO jump in Mission: Impossible – Fallout. He also broke his ankle performing a stunt during the filming of Fallout, and didn’t even let it stop him from finishing the take where he ran afterwards.

We are definitely excited to see what this could look like. Cruise is one of the most dedicated actors to his craft, and continues to wow us with his commitment to realism.

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