Why Opt For A Coin Operated Washer And Dryer

Coin Laundry Machine, like the prominentCoin Operated Washer and Dryer, is used in the hospitality industry as professional equipment.

Coin Laundry Machine: Product Details

  • The Coin Operated washer is manufactured in stainless steel tubs, drum, top, front and side panels, providing a better stylish look and offering better quality.
  • The Coin Washing Machine has a high-strength frame and bearings, durable bearing housing, spider, and shaft to reduce wear significantly.
  • The Coin Laundry Machine has an automatic water mixer, which means to mix hot and cold water at a precise temperature with the programmed water level, save energy and reduce the washing cycle time.
  • Advanced Coins Laundry inverter drive system and particular heavy-duty motor provide smooth and reliable performance.
  • Coin Operated washers and Dryers have a better balance control system to ensure smooth operation, reduce washing time, and save energy.
  • Coin Washer and Dryer have a soap box and detergent inlets to connect the dosing system for easy access and use.
  • High-spin speed Coin Laundry Machine can reach 330G factor, which removes more water to reduce drying time and save energy, and there is no need to screw.
  • The safety door double locks system in Coin Washer and Dryer
  • ensures safe operation and minimizes the risk of accidents.
  • Coin Operated washer offers multiple heating modes, and multiple language options are easier for a standard user.
  • Touch screen and button type controller are available for the customer’s choice.
  • Self-developed software applications and remote control systems are more convenient for the self-service Coins Laundry owner and user.

How Does The Self-Service Coin Washing Machine Work?

The Coin Washing Machine is of an industrial type. It is usual for the establishment to have washing machines of different capacities so that each customer can choose the appliance that best suits their washing needs.

The usual thing is to find Coin Operated Washer and Dryer machines from 9 or 10 kilos to 19 or 25 kilos.These capacities are sufficient to comfortably and without problem wash the weekly laundry of an average family and also those large items such as duvets that are impossible to wash in a domestic washing machine.

The essential self-service Coins Laundry machine usually has a connection system with the central payment box.In this way, the customer fills the washing machine. It is not necessary to add soap. They choose the desired program, and the washing cycle begins automatically after making the payment at the central cash register.

In establishments with no space to install a central box, the Coins washing machine can have a built-in mechanism for the user to make the payment directly, as if it were a vending machine.But in addition, the Coin Operated washer has the most advanced technologies in terms of home automation.

It must be taken into account that laundries do not usually have employees, so in the event of a breakdown, the person in charge must be able to start the washing machine again from their mobile device. For this, there must be a good connection with the washing machine.

Although these devices are usually disinfected due to the use of hot water, Coin Washing Machine should ideally be cleaned and disinfected once a day to offer customers the maximum guarantee of hygiene and quality in washing.

Coin Laundry setups have our team of expert mechanics and technicians who are knowledgeable and experienced in all Coin washer and dryer maintenance and repair services. Well-maintained machines provide excellent machine performance, sustainability, and minimal energy use. You’ll enjoy lower energy costs, your machines will require fewer repairs, and your tenants will love the machine’s performance and excellent wash results. It’s always a win-win when you select Coin Operated Washer and Dryer.