Wilder V. Fury, Stand Aside Conor!

Wilder V. Fury, Stand Aside Conor!

A little over year since they first met in front of a sold out crowd in the Staples Center, in Los Angeles. Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are set to clash once again in one of the biggest boxing rematches

When they first met in December 2018, both men were undefeated and had everything on the line. The fight absolutely delivered in almost every way, except for delivering an unlikely end result: a draw.

While Fury dominated the first few rounds of the fight, Wilder was eventually able to gain his footing and battle back in the later part of the fight.

Fury was sent to the canvas twice during the fight, it wasn’t enough for the judges to give an edge to Wilder, and the fight ended in a controversial draw.

Controversy Won’t Stop This From Happening

Immediately, cries for a rematch were made, but negotiations had to be slowed down as Fury signed with ESPN and Top Rank. Which meant the rematch would have to be a co-promotion.

But after both fighters won their next fight and promptly called each other out afterwards. And a rematch was announced and we are finally about to see it.

Both men are still undefeated going into this match, and having the first battle in their past, the hype for it is bigger than ever.

Both men are coming into this fight looking to make a statement and prove that they deserved to win the first fight. The tension was apparent during their final pre-fight news conference.

The two fighters immediately started jawing at each other, eventually leading to shoving and yelling. Leading to security to intervene to separate them.

This has led to Nevada State Athletic Commission to ban the two from squaring off at their weigh-in tomorrow.

Something Worth Paying For? Absolutely

The fight is going to be one to remember; none of this McGregor-Cerrone nonsense that ends in 40 seconds.

Both men are going to be out for blood, both are going to be hitting hard. We really do think it will come down to the wire. We don’t think it will end on a KO; it’s going to be a decision-based victory.

And we do think it will be a victory. While we think it will be close, we believe there will be a winner. Who that winner is another question entirely.

If Wilder starts out slow again, we see this fight going to Fury, but Wilder can easily take over if we comes out aggressive and lands a few good hits.

    We can’t predict the winner of this fight but we can assure you that if you have any interest in this fight, don’t skip. We haven’t had a fight get us this excited in a long, long time. 

The fight will cost $79.99 to watch at home and you can check with your local restaurants and bars to see about any viewing parties.