YouTube to include ‘Don’t recommend’ feature for specific channels

YouTube to include ‘Don’t recommend’ feature for specific channels

What if YouTube gives you the flexibility to manage videos that appear on the homepage and also ‘Up Next’ Suggestions? Well, it’s happening !!

YouTube has announced it is including ‘Don’t Recommend’ feature for some particular channels.

YouTube has introduced some specific changes via its blog on Wednesday, which will provide users more control on video recommendations.

The feature hopes to reduce users’ annoyance with certain channels they dislike appearing in up next column.

Users will now be able to explore topics and related videos at the homepage and in Up Next videos. You have to scroll down under a video in the mobile app and you will find recommendations split into categories.

YouTube will also brief users on recommendations depending on other users watching a related video. So you can filter your favorite channels or topics of interest.

The social network plans to implement these changes in the upcoming days.