ZOOM SEES HUGE SURGE - Increase in demand for live video is helping some businesses

ZOOM SEES HUGE SURGE – Increase in demand for live video is helping some businesses

Popular streaming video platforms like Facetime, Zoom and Google Hangouts are seeing massive surges in usage. Both for family connections and business connections, leading to a surge in shared profits.

zooms has a huge economic surge in thanks to people having to stay home

Zoom was already a bit of a powerhouse in the video conferencing game. Thanks in small part to its buttery smooth app performances, ease of use, recording and simplistic interface.

Just recently over the course of the last two weeks, Zoom has seen a huge return, as in a 200% return. Not exactly small potatoes in this current economy crisis.

Because of how intuitive and easy to use it is, Zoom has been a go to for video conferencing, webinars and IM. Taking over the space from heavy hitters like Google and Apple.

More is to come for the economy

Due to Coronavirus tanking a lot of worldwide production, not to mention stocks, Zoom finds itself in a unique position. Most everyone who can work remotely is being forced to work remotely. And most people that are working remotely need a simple to use tool to stay in touch with coworkers. 

Applying this more broadly, people that could afford long term time off are using their time to connect with friends and family. Meaning that Zoom is uniquely suited to a pandemic state as people have little else to do.

Even here at Scoophash we use Zoom for quarterly and weekly meetings. The app is truly fantastic and easy to use, making connections extremely easy to make.

Zoom may be in a strange spot for the next few months. With several entertainment industries, travel and production finding themselves in a sinking ship. Companies like Amazon, Google and Zoom are finding themselves in a rather easy to accommodate place.

Regardless of where things go with Zoom, they’ll most likely ride out this pandemic lock down with relative ease. Especially if we keep using it.