10 BEST COMEDIES - Personal picks to tickle your funny bone

10 BEST COMEDIES – Personal picks to tickle your funny bone

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Yes, we already made a list on this. However, this list is a little more of a personal opinion, every one of these 10 picks never fail to make me laugh. And since we still have a week and a half to go before most quarantines are called off, we could all use some laughter!



This is honestly one of my favorite examples of writing in the entirety of cinema. Chock full of amazing one liners, hilarious bits and some of the finest examples of prop comedy ever put to screen.

Following a depressed pilot, incompetent doctor, bumbling stewardess and a zany supporting cast. The story is not there to be amazing. It is just there to get characters from point A to point Z. 

Even as I’m typing this I can’t stop giggling to myself as I remember parts of this movie that I had forgotten. This movie is seriously hysterical.

Hot Fuzz


When you combine Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, great things happen! Hot Fuzz is certainly no slouch when it comes to amazing comedic moments.

A big city cop is reassigned to a small and remote English town. A town where things may be a little more dark than they first appear. 

Even if you’ve never seen this movie before you have inevitably heard some of the lines and seen some clips. As iconic as it is hilarious!

The Emperor’s New Groove


Disney does not make movies like this anymore, and honestly I’m not sure why.

Seriously, rewatching this movie as an adult is such a joy. It isn’t written like a kids movie, it’s more like Monty Python meets the Lion King. Yes, my brain hurt writing that sentence but it’s still a great movie!

Featuring some absolutely stellar writing, pitch perfect delivery, insanely iconic lines and phenomenal animation. Emperor’s New Groove gets funnier to me every time I watch it over.

Harley Quinn


The new animated series on DC Universe is absolutely freaking hilarious. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about whether or not you want to watch this new series, let me help get you off that picket.

Harley Quinn does have a centralized story to it but most of the first season is more anthalogical. You can kinda watch any episode and know what is going on. 

Story is whatever, the voice cast and the writing is great! Although, be forewarned, graphic violence and hard language ahead!

Monty Python and The Holy Grail


How could I not include this in my list? You think I’d add Airplane but not Monty Python? Shame on you!

No matter who you are, no matter your age, you know of this movie. With an abundance of meme worthy scenes, sharp writing and that signature British wit!

Monty Python is a masterclass in writing effective comedy. With gut busting deliveries and a stellar finale that you won’t see coming, Monty Python is amazing.

The Interview


I’m mostly including this one because of how much I freaking quote it. Seriously, I don’t think a day has gone by since this movie was released that I haven’t quoted it in some way.

James Franco and Seth Rogen are on top of their comedic game in this movie. Playing the roles of media interviewers who meet Kim Jong Un, and are tasked with killing him.

If that sounds like something up your alley, I cannot recommend this movie enough!



Anyone who knows me or has talked to me in some capacity would know that I actually think Deadpool 2 is better. However, the first movie is absolutely funnier in every single way possible.

Fourth wall breaking jokes? Check. Satire at an insane level? Double check. Incredible pop culture and demeaning jokes to every single individual on planet earth? Triple check!

Ryan Reynolds is the perfect Wade Wilson. Bringing a combination of comedic timing, charisma and versatility to a role long thought impossible.

The Road to Morocco


Alright, I’ll forgive you if you have never heard of this movie. However, trust me when I say that you want to watch this movie!

Think of it as a precursor to Monty Python, Airplane and other big fourth wall breaking comedies. Featuring hilarious performances from Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, yes this movie is that old.

Two bumbling explorers find themselves in hot water as they compete for the affections of a princess. Along the way they find themselves in increasing levels of danger. Seriously, I know I say this a lot but this is such an underappreciated movie for comedies! 

The Road to El Dorado


Now that I’m writing this and rewatching these movies in the background, I just realized how much these two entries relate. There are a lot of similarities between this movie and the Bing Crosby movies.

Either way, the story of two con men who find themselves stranded in a new world only to discover El Dorado is awesome. As they make their way through this new world they find themselves being treated as gods.

With great performances by Kenneth Brannagh and Kevin Kline, great musical numbers and adult themes. El Dorado is a great ride and a hilarious movie!

Inglorious Basterds


Okay, hear me out, I know this movie is not technically classified as a comedy, but I did say this was more personal. And because of that, I have lost count of many times I’ve died watching this movie.

Whether it’s the bonkers finale, Brad Pitts speeches, the scene with Mike Myers I could go one and on.

True, there are scenes of genuine suspense, thrills and heavy drama, but I cannot stress my first sentence enough. Disagree with me if you will, but I stand by this decision!

What do you think, do you agree with this list? What are your favorite comedy movies of all time or what movies never fail to make you laugh?

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