10 BEST Movies to Stream on HBO

10 BEST Movies to Stream on HBO

With more streaming services either offering a free month or just plain old having great selections. HBO is by far one of the best services, for good reason.

HBO has one of the best selections of TV shows, original series and movies to satisfy even the most bored of the masses. Here’s the 10 BEST offerings on the streaming service right now!

Game of Thrones


Alright yeah this one is kind of a gimme, but it is on here for a good reason.

While Season 8 left more than a little bitter taste in the mouths of fans, seasons 1 – 7 are some of the best TV seasons ever made. With phenomenal writing, a layered and complex story and fantastic characterization.

Not to mention the music, the pacing, the cinematography, the run time… Honestly Season 1 – 7 of GoT are about as perfect as any show can really get. And you’ve got plenty of time to binge it!

John Wick 3: Parabellum


If you read our old review for this movie, then it’s not really much of a surprise that we put it on this list.

This movie is pretty much the perfect action movie. It has a story that’s interesting enough without being convoluted, breakneck pacing and incredible action sequences.

When I say incredible action sequences, I mean, holy hell incredible action sequences. From the opening foot race to the ending gunfight, John Wick consistently ups its own ante by providing the best action seen in filmmaking.

They Shall Not Grow Old


While this in particular is a documentary, it should not dissuade you from watching it.

Focusing on the story of soldiers during WWI, Director Peter Jackson through some technological magic brings it to life. Using old footage and restoring it through various means of color grading and re-imaging.

Seeing the War to end all Wars in color and 4K resolution is both stunning and heartbreaking. Truly like stepping back in time and witnessing the greatest generation in person.

The Outsider


Out of scary movies to watch and want to get that creep up your spine? Then this series is right up your alley.

The Outsider tells the story of an investigator trying to uncover a fairly straightforward case, only to discover more and more. When things begin to turn supernatural is when this show truly shines.

Based on the bestselling Stephen King novel, The Outsider will give you all of the spooks that you want.



The Outsider a little too supernatural to get your scare level up? Try the movie Prisoners if you want something much more grounded.

Focusing on the story of a father who learns that his daughter and his friend’s daughter have gone missing. We watch as he slowly descends into more and more frantic solutions, and he gets more and more obsessively violent.

It’s a disturbing look at what some people have gone through and just how far people will go for what they perceive as justified.



Love the movie? Well if you loved it for its social themes, morally grey story and mature themes, then you’ll love the show.

However, this show is not much like the movie or the comics. It’s an original story set years after the events of the movie and focuses more on social themes, racial inequalities and new characters.

If that sounds intriguing, then you’ll love this show. Watchmen is impeccably well written, paced just quick enough and full of amazing moments. Watch it with and open mind and you’ll find a new favorite Superhero show.

War of the Worlds


One of Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg’s most underrated films by a wide margin.

Telling the same story as the infamous book, but from a more personal perspective. Aliens have invaded the earth and firmly ripped the world apart, literally and figuratively.

With incredible sound design, insanely impressive cinematography, stellar CGI and great performances. War of the Worlds is both intense and jaw dropping. 

Seriously, this movie is slowly creeping back up in the spotlight but it is so underappreciated.

The Young Pope


Weird and stylish, the Young Pope is a series that you may have seen mentioned once or twice, and it is so worth it.

With Jude Law playing the title character, the performances are phenomenal. With smart writing, tight pacing and a great look into theology, The Young Pope is a great watch.

Overall this is a series about traditionalism VS progressive ideals. It holds a lot of truths and asks a lot of hard questions, cannot recommend enough.

Enemy at the Gates


Speaking of Jude Law, he also stars in one of the most underwatched WWII movies.

Enemy at the Gates tells the story of two snipers during the conflict of the second World War. As they wage their own personal battles amongst the foundations of a larger conflict.

This movie gives an interesting insight to both sides during the war and how they portrayed each other.

Not to mention some stellar action scenes and a great performance from Law.

Band of Brothers


Much like Game of Thrones, it’s pretty near impossible to not mention this show when writing a list about HBO.

Telling the story of the 151st Airborne during the final year of the Second World War, this series packs a punch. With unparalleled attention to detail, historical accuracy and perfect performances from the whole cast.

This miniseries is poignant, incredible and dare I say, perfect.

In summary

HBO has no shortage of amazing movies, originals and series to take advantage over the Shelter in Place time. For horror fans, action fans, supernatural fans, documentary fans etc!

While there are several more options than what we have listed here, we stand by these 10 as the best! Give them a watch and let us know in the comments which ones you’ve already seen!