10 BEST Superhero Movies to Stream Right Now! - And where to Stream Them

10 BEST Superhero Movies to Stream Right Now! – And where to Stream Them

Lots of time on your hands and bored of all the documentaries being recommended? Well luckily for you, superhero movies are a great escape from the everyday. Here’s the 10 best ones to stream right now!

Avengers: Infinity War – Disney+


One of Marvel’s best movies of all time is available for streaming on Disney+! 

Infinity War is definitely a movie that needs a little bit of history to properly enjoy. You can jump into the movie without knowing anything about the Marvel Universe, but the enjoyment will be much lower. 

As the Avengers face their greatest threat ever, Thanos comes to the big screen and brings his menace and consequences to bare. Infinity War’s stakes, payoffs and twists will keep you guessing all the way to its extremely shocking end.

Batman – DC Universe


While the movies section of DC Universe is lacking some of the better selections in the DC lineup, Batman 1989 is a great film.

Tim Burton’s Batman film was the first time that we saw anything other than the comics medium try to take Batman seriously. Turning him into a brooding vigilante by night and a charming billionaire by day.

Michael Keaton was great as Bruce Wayne and Jack Nicholson was inspired as Joker!

Watchmen – Amazon Prime


What happens when the world no longer wants superheroes because they cause too much strife and have too much power? You get the Watchmen.

One of films most underappreciated endeavors, Watchmen is a perfect example of a director in full control of their craft. Zack Snyder gives fans and non fans alike, a visually stunning piece of storytelling with some very dark undertones.

Rife with R-rated content, a level of maturity that’s rare in comic book movies and one of the best final acts in superhero storytelling.

Iron Man – Disney+


You really cannot go wrong with most of the MCU’s phase 1 movies. However, if you have to choose one, it’s gotta be Iron Man.

Iron Man is by far the MCU’s best standalone origins movie. With a mature take on morality as we witness Tony Stark’s rise to heroism and his pitfalls throughout the way.

Robert Downey Jr and the supporting cast make a great movie near perfect. Watch it, enjoy it and watch it again!

Joker – Amazon Prime


You’ve heard the name, you’ve read the articles, seen the trailer and read some of the controversy. 

Now you can witness the masterpiece that is, Joker. With stunning cinematography, fantastic pacing and a perfect performance by Joaquin Phoenix.

Joker is no doubt a hard movie to watch, but when it is executed this well and this confidently, it’s hard not to enjoy the experience.

Thor Ragnarok – Disney+


Leaving behind the more serious Thor for a fun fueled romp through outer space was the best idea that Taikia Waititi had. 

Thor finds himself trying to prevent the apocalypse in this film. As he moves from planet to planet trying to rediscover his calling and save his people at the same time. The story is simple but where this movie shines is the amazing writing.

Funny as hell, entertaining and fantastic action sequences make Ragnarok some of the most enjoyable viewing in all of the MCU.

The Dark Knight – Amazon Prime


Christopher Nolan proved with this film that was more to comic book movies than just good action and spectacle. He proved that acting, cinematography, editing, pacing and everything else could be an art form.

The Dark Knight focuses on the trials of Christian Bale’s Batman as he confronts a villain who isn’t in it for anything.

Heath Ledger is magnetic and terrifying as Joker, proving his prowess before his unfortunate passing that same year.

Aquaman – Amazon Prime


Full of SciFi cheese and a fanboy level of glee and joy, Aquaman is a fun ride.

Arthur Curry is a superhero who doesn’t really care much for being a superhero. He does what he has to do and stays out of the way most days, but when his mother is murdered and he is called home, he must decide. 

What really separates this film from others like Thor is the absolutely phenomenal camerawork and CGI. Generous usage of long takes, practical effects and fantastic editing.

Kick Ass – Amazon Prime


Similar to Watchmen in terms of its maturity, but far more of a tonal shift. Kick Ass focuses on the story of a young man who wants to be a superhero, but the world doesn’t really care.

Along the way he meets a pair of vigilantes, and the movie just progressively gets more violent and more violent.

The story is deeper than the  initial sentence conveys, but this movie is known for its action for good reason. Matthew Vaughn is known for his kinetic action sequences, and this is no exception.

Man of Steel – Amazon Prime


This entry may honestly split the reaction down the middle, but this is one of the best superhero movies so far.

Once again coming from Zack Snyder, Man of Steel focuses on the story of Kal-El or better known as Superman. As he struggles to find his place in the world, he is faced with threats from this world and others.

Full of amazing soundtrack pieces, action, cinematography and a star making turn from Henry Cavil. Man of Steel is amazing and underappreciated.

In Summary

There ya have it folks! Our 10 picks for the best superhero movies to stream right now from the comfort of your living room!

There is an endless amount of entertainment to be had when it comes to superhero movies. With something from every one whether its comedy, maturity or pure escapism.

Be sure to follow us on social media and let us know in the comments how many of these you’ve seen. As well as which ones are your favorites!