10 BEST Mysteries From Around the World - More Great Mysteries to Wrap Yourself Around

10 BEST Mysteries From Around the World – More Great Mysteries to Wrap Yourself Around

We all love a good mystery, hell most of us grew up with Scooby-Doo so naturally we all love a good mystery. And if you say ‘I didn’t grow up with Scooby-Doo’, then you have my deepest sympathies.

Recently we shared our picks for some of our favorite conspiracy theories of all time. If those lists got your blood pumping and made you dive down the rabbit hole, then say no more. These mysteries will make your flesh crawl, tingle your spine and hurt your brain.

These are our picks for 10 of the BEST Mysteries in the world.

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What Happened To Lars Mittank

Back in the year 2014, a young German man Lars Mittank was on vacation in Bulgaria. He and his friends have spent some time at a Futbol game and just enjoying some time away from home.

However, Lars gets into a fight and suffers a head injury. After checking in with a doctor and receiving medication for his injury, and a note to not fly until he healed. Taking the doctor at his word, he stays behind in Bulgaria.

Shortly later, his mother receives a phone call from a frightened Lars that men are going to kill him. Some time later, police release surveillance footage of Lars running out of a medical room in an Airport. Mittank, he was never seen again. What the hell happened to Lars and why did he run from the airport?

So far no one knows, and Lars Mittank remains missing to this day.


Is There a Monster in a Siberian Lake?

Deep water gives me legitimate anxiety, even just writing about this entry makes me queasy. There is a lake in Siberia named Labynkyr that never freezes and has hardly been explored. One day, a group of divers find a massive carcass and skeleton inside the lake.

Prompting the question, what is living inside of Labynkyr? Is there some undiscovered monster that is lurking the sediment rich depths of this elusive lake?

Right now all there is to go on is the grainy photograph of something, and unsubstantiated claims. When the popularity of Loch Ness dies out, perhaps we just needed something new.


Who Was the Man from Taured

The year is 1954, tensions are at the breaking point between Russia and the US. The fallout from WWII is being felt on world economies, and a strange man is arrested in the Tokyo airport.

Claiming to be from a country named Taured, officials become suspicious of the man and ask him where it is. When prompted to point at it on a map, he points directly at Andorra, becoming confused. Taured does not exist, and he becomes worried. It gets even weirder though.

Officials ask him for proof of his travel, place of origin, identity etc. Surprisingly enough, the man supplies documents, passports, work permits etc everything needed to prove himself. Nothing appears to be forged, but no one can corroborate his existence. Not knowing what to do, they lock him in a hotel room while they try to work it out.

He disappears without a trace, despite 24 hour surveillance, the Man from Taured is never seen again.

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The SS Ourang Medan

One thing that I find even creepier than lake mysteries is ocean mysteries. Something about the middle of nowhere is bad enough without throwing an unexplored depth of water into it.

1948, WWII has been over for 3 years, shipping lanes are reopened. A single Dutch freighter near Indonesia sends out a distress signal that puts horror movies to shame.

“All officers including captain are dead lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead… I die.” Rescue teams are dispatched, they make it to the Ourang Medan to find the SOS was real.

All of the crew were dead, petrified and clutching at the air long before rigor mortis would have set in. The ship was freezing cold despite the 110f weather. As the rescue decide to tow the ship, the Medan exploded and sank mysteriously.

Making matters even creepier was that a few ships reported mysterious ghost SOS signals from an unknown vessel. There was no damage to the ship prior to the explosion and the crew had looks of terror on their faces.


The American Dyatlov Pass

When five men disappear after watching a local college basketball game, a search is mounted. The five young men made one stop at a local market, before getting into their car and driving south from Chico, CA.

After failing to arrive home, the police begin searching for the men. They find the abandoned car, 70 miles from Chico, on a backwoods mountain path. Despite snowy conditions, the car was not stuck in the snow and was easily moved. But there was no sign of the five men.

Eventually the police come across an abandoned forestry service encampment. The body of one of them is found, having apparently starved to death for 13 weeks. A few weeks later a second body is found only a quarter mile away. To this day, no one knows what happened to those five men that snowy night in Chico.

Odds are we never will, and police are still investigating the disappearance.


What is Happening to Our Imaging Satellites?

So this is one that I even had to do some deep breathing afterwards. Most of these were unknown to me, and as someone who believes in alien life, it threw me for a loop.

Starting back in 1989, countries the world over have lost 14 deep space imaging satellites. Some of the strangest include; 1992, the Probe Clementine I takes high res photos of the moon. After finding several amazing topography discoveries, it somehow malfunctions and is lost. Russian Probe Phobos II takes strange images of objects around Mars’ moon before losing communication. Shortly afterwards, Marina Popovich said Soviet scientists determined that Phobos was an artificial moon.


The Boat on Bouvet Island

In the remote North Atlantic Ocean lies the island of Bouvet, the most remote island in the world. It sits more than 1,000 miles in any direction from the next landmass and contains no vegetation. It’s single claim is from Norway who have a remote weather monitoring system set up there.

Fast forward to 1950, the South African Government is studying the island. They determine right now it does not suit their needs, and leave. In 1964 they returned to reexamine the island and find something odd. A single rowboat, in the middle of the island lies abandoned and disheveled.

Despite an in-depth investigation by historian Mike Dash, nobody had an answer. The boat and where it came from are haunting to look at  and terrifying to consider.


Is the Black Knight Satellite Real

For over 80 years, space agencies around the world kept the secret of the Black Knight. A rogue satellite that no one has taken responsibility for, and no one knows where it came from.

NASA even has images about the satellite on their website, which to many confirm the mystery. Making it even stranger is the reports of irregular signal broadcasts coming from the object. Signals that were confirmed by Australian Satellite monitoring company, Muchea.

Stranger still, because of its orbit, the satellite could be over 10,000 years old. Now, I’ll freely admit, I was always kinda skeptical of this particular entry. Honestly, the more that I read about it, the more creeped out and more convinced I became. Seriously, this one is kinda terrifying but terribly interesting.

Hell, you want to be even more weirded out by this one? Nikola Tesla reportedly discovered the signals about it years before Muchea. Have fun with that knowledge.

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Why Are 18 Giant Skeletons in Wisconsin?

Legends of giants from ancient times can be found in everything from historical accounts to myth to the Bible. There are several theories and logical explanations behind them but the mystery pervades.

Rewind back to the year of 1912 when an archeological dig finds something strange. 18 massive skeletons well above average human height and weight are found in a burial mound in rural Wisconsin.

Things got even weirder when an imaging satellite and expedition found the remnants of a fort in Lake Mills. Not only was this fort far bigger than anything built by Native Americans, but it was also pyramidic. Massive and estimated to have contained up to 200,000 people.

So who were the giants, what was the purpose of the massive pyramidic forts? We may not ever know, but it makes for fascinating reading.


Frozen Alien Corpse in Siberia

Alright, Russia has no shortage of incredibly odd and mysterious sightings. From yeti’s to aliens to the Dyatlov Pass Incident, Russia is full of mysteries.

So it came as no surprise when in 2013 after reports of a UFO hurtling to earth that a mysterious photo came out. Seeming to show off the dead frozen corpse of an unidentified bipedal creature.

Downside to all of this is that when the discovery is made by a father/son who just happened onto it, it’s usually fake. Skeptics have firmly torn this particular story a new one, but it remains to be proven.


So that is our list folks, we tried to pick some entries that have either received new updates or are unknown. We love some of the more popular mysteries and conspiracies out there but part of the fun is not knowing. So it made sense to us to pick some lesser known ones, best we could anyways.

Let us know what you think of these mysteries and what your theories are on them. We’d love to know what you guys think of these.

For me in particular, that Black Knight one just really messes with my head. I know that there’s people out there who don’t buy it and others who worship it. For me it just has enough basis in reality for me to ask a lot of questions, and the answers terrify me.


Stay glued to us here at Scoophash for more lists just like this one!