10 BEST STAND UP COMICS - These shows will help get you through the next two weeks

10 BEST STAND UP COMICS – These shows will help get you through the next two weeks

While the US prepares for the roughest two weeks of COVID, most people are taking it very seriously. Social Distancing is at an all time high and most every business that was left is shuttering up. Time to crack up the stand up comics and laugh like crazy!

Be forewarned, adding explicit tags seems like a given in this case, there is extremely profane language ahead!

Paper Tiger – Bill Burr


Starting this list off with a banger! 

Paper Tiger is easily one of the most unabashedly anti-feelings stand up set in history. If you have thin skin, then Paper Tiger is definitely not the stand up show for you.

Burr is known for his extremely volatile temper and his complete apathy towards the human race and naysayers. He does not care one bit for what you think of him and his comedy, and it really shows in all its glory here.

A Speck of Dust – Sarah Silverman


Most people cannot decide what to think of Silverman, and this special won’t change too many minds.

Silverman has long prided herself on using her combined good looks with intense dry humor to her advantage. And in a special completely filled to the brim with self detrimental and narcissistic jokes about healthcare and real world problems. 

Ultimately, A Speck of dust is one of our favorite stand ups in a great history that Silverman has compiled!

Triggered – Joe Rogan


Equal parts comedic genius and completely rambling, Rogan can be a tough swallow but he’s one of the funniest current comics.

In this special from 2016 Rogan is on a different level as he takes on parents, dolphins, drugs and Santa Claus.

If that sounded as bizarre to you as you read it then you have no idea. Rogan is hysterical, off kilter and crazy in this wonderful stand up set.

Fire in the Maternity Ward – Anthony Jeselnik


Priding himself on the ability to say jokes that would get most people sued or fired, Jeselnik is absolutely ruthless.

Featuring an uncanny ability to use dry delivery and obsidian dark humor to a new level of efficiency. Fire in the Maternity Ward is Jeselnik at his most unbridled and most anti-convention that he has ever been.

What was said for Paper Tiger goes double here. Thin skin need not apply.

One of the Greats – Chelsea Peretti


Perhaps one of the most standout actors from Brooklyn Nine-Nine gets her own stand up special and delivers the goods. 

Peretti channels some wonderful talent in a special all about everything, and is done with Peretti’s great penchant for delivery. Stuffed to the brim with dark humor and full of memorable quotes, Peretti cemented herself as one of the funniest stand ups with this special.

And in a career field that is so dominated with talent, that is no easy thing to do.

Can I Touch It? – Whitney Cummings


If you dislike Silverman for her reliance on using her looks and dry humor, then you might like Cummings better.

While Cummings does use her looks to create a persona, her darker blend of humor and aggressive delivery send a stronger punchline. Notoriously ruthless on her comedy roasts, Cummings brings that same level of aggression here.

Riffing on modern feminism, technology and sexuality, Cummings is on her A-game in this special!

Mostly Stories – Tom Segura


Bitter, ruthless and apathetic, Segura has built a rock solid foundation on being real about everything.

Nowhere is that better represented than in this stand up set from 2016. He tackles everything from body positivity to a lie that he told Mike Tyson.

All delivered with Segura’s perfect timing and bawdy personality.

Tamborine – Chris Rock


Proving that he is still one of the best and uproarious comics in history, Chris Rock delivered a banger in 2018.

Tamborine sees Rock taking on everything from fatherhood, infidelity and politics. Filled with Rock’s pitch perfect stylization and delivery.

This special is, dare I say it, Rock. Solid. (Alright I’ll leave now).

Irresponsible – Kevin Hart


One of the best comics on the scene, Kevin Hart proves his ability to split sides is still in full effect. 

Hart is the king of detrimental and self referential comedy, he doesn’t try to be perfect and he owns up to his mistakes. Because of that he manages to do something that almost no other comic can do, remain funny the richer her gets.

Hart is on fire in this special in particular, and if you were on the fence then this special will most likely change your mind.

Sticks and Stones – Dave Chapelle


There’s a reason he’s at the end of the list, gotta save the best for last right?

Chapelle is known worldwide for his ability to delve into whatever subject he wants and pull something hysterical out of it. As he takes on drug crises, gun control, politics, sexuality and more in this special.

In a special that is literally called Sticks and Stones you probably figured out that this is not a stand up for the thin skinned. Matter of fact, this special was so divisive that a lot of critics had to delete their reviews on it. And if that isn’t proof enough of Chapelle’s crowd appeal then I don’t know what is!

There we go guys! 10 specials that you can find on Netflix to make you lose your mind with laughter. From the best of apathetic foul tempered comics to sex sppeal and the darkest of humor. There is something for everyone in this list, be sure to let us know which ones you’ve seen and which was your favorite!


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