5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity 100% Naturally!

5 Ways to Boost Your Immunity 100% Naturally!

Immune systems have never been more important in our lifetime. Keeping your body physically fit is one thing, but having an immune system that builds effective antibodies is different. Without effective antibodies and a strong immune system, you might as well be throwing a glass of water onto a raging wildfire!

Sleep, Get Lots of Sleep

Hey look at that, sleeping plenty is on this list, what are the odds?

No but seriously, getting a healthy amount of sleep is a big step to having a good immune system. There are plenty of reasons why, but the most important is how big a role it plays in rest and mental health.

Think of it like recharging your phone before it drops down to 1%. you’re being proactive and helping yourself be better.

Eat Healthier Foods

Look guys, we’re not gonna point fingers or name names, but things like Wonder Bread and natural soda are still bad for you.

Limiting the amount of sugar and carbohydrate intake you have each day is HUGE in boosting your immunity. Things like whole grain breads, Vitamin C heavy fruits and veggies are one of the biggest things missing from people’s ability to build immune systems.

Limit your Sugar intake

Alright, you may think that this one is obvious, but we need to make it more obvious.

Things like soda, candy, powdered sugar, heavy sugar fruits like watermelon need to be taken into account. It’s easy to say that one soda isn’t going to hurt, but it actually goes a long way to decreasing your overall immune system response.

Exercise… We’re Really Breaking Norms Here Guys

We’ve been pretty vocal about advocating for exercise on the website here. Exercise is one of the biggest reasons that we genetically have a poor pool of immune system antibodies.

Exercise is one of the biggest things that people often try to ignore, they’ll eat healthy and read but not exercise. Even just moderate exercise, a 15 minute run or an hour of weights help build a stronger immune response.

Water, Stay Hydrated Homies

H2O is often forgotten because of how many supplemental drinks that exist. Let’s make one thing clear, drinking Vitamin Water, SoBe or Sugar Free Gatorade is not the same thing as drinking water.

Water does so much for building a strong immune system, it seriously cannot be understated. Working out, hiking, hanging out with friends, bored, hell just EXISTING? Drink water.


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