STAY ACTIVE WITH AT HOME WORKOUTS - No need to do nothing, we got you covered!

STAY ACTIVE WITH AT HOME WORKOUTS – No need to do nothing, we got you covered!

While there are no shortages of movies, shows, TV series, books, comics and more to binge during Quarantine, there is more you should do.

Namely, do not use this as an opportunity to just sit at home and do nothing, get up and stay active! Keep your immune system healthy by doing at home workouts to improve yourself!

Dumbbell Curls

Look, they’re popular and a staple for a reason. Curls are a great and effective way to build bicep strength, improve coordination and improve your mid tone muscle.

That being said, don’t find a safe weight like 5lbs and just do 20 curls apiece. Find something that pushes you a little bit and do sets of twenty or thirty at a time. If you don’t have that option, then just focus on adding other things into your routine alongside.

Pushups & Pullups

Doing the same thing for your biceps, mid sections and coordination but way more effective. You’re essentially using your own weight to use as a training method. Either by pushing that weight away from you, or pulling that weight to you.

Even if you’re under 100lbs soaking wet, pullups and pushups are some of the single best ways to build tone. On top of all that, there are several different methods to pushups and pullups to help build your muscle stronger and faster. 


Tried and true, Yoga is wonderful at calming you down and toning your body by performing complex stretches and breathing. 

The best part about Yoga is that there is no equipment required, and there are hundreds of poses to do. Meaning that there is no excuse to not try and adopt some poses to try at home and build a routine around!

Cardio (running, stairs etc)

Do you have stairs at home? Large backyard? Local park or rec area? Then you have no excuse to not get some solid cardio in!

Set a goal for yourself, go take a run for 10 minutes, run up 200 stairs in 10 minutes etc. find something that you think will push you a little bit further than you have in the past, find your limit and go past it.

Best thing about Cardio is if you do it correctly, and often enough, you will shed weight in no time! So if you were thinking that COVID can be used as an excuse to cheat on your resolutions, well sorry to break it to ya!

Download any Number of Apps

workouts for covid

Favorite of ours here at Scoophash is the 7 Minutes a Day Workout App. All it is is a short collection of consistent poses, workouts and trials to push yourself far in 7 minutes. 

Combining a very easy to follow regimen and a great selection of different types of workouts.

Several Apps make it very easy to find anywhere from 7 minutes to an hour of workouts that can be done at home with no problem.