6 Movies/TV Shows to Get Ready for Assassin's Creed Valhalla!

6 Movies/TV Shows to Get Ready for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!

Valhalla Awaits!

Assassin’s Creed made a big announcement earlier last week when they unveiled Valhalla. The next big entry in the Assassin’s Creed Universe looks pretty epic. Begs the question though, what to watch?

You’d be surprised just how many great vikings movies there really are. So do yourself a favor, watch the trailer for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Get yourself in the mood for some Celtic nonsense and check out these selections!


Brave – Disney+

Alright so we’re starting this list out pretty family friendly. Brave is a Scottish fairy tale from the minds behind movies like Coco and Toy Story. Disney Pixar brings this epic fantasy movie to life with phenomenal animation and music.

While most people do consider Brave to be at the bottom of the totem pole, that does not make it bad. It’s highly entertaining, full of great moments and fun for everyone!

Valhalla Rising – Amazon Prime

Alright, so if Brave was not quite your speed and you want more violence, well… This movie delivers it in boatloads. Just, be aware that this movie is stupidly violent and intense, not for the faint of heart.

Focusing on the trials of a Viking named One Eye, played to perfection by Mads Mikkleson. One Eye fights for his life among the ritualistic killings of the Celtic Nords. Full of cinematic flair and indie film delights, Valhalla Rising is an underrated gem of filmmaking.

Beowulf – Amazon Prime

One of the weirdest entries on this list, strictly due to how it was animated. Directed and produced by Robert Zemeckis, Beowulf is the story of a legend who fights monsters.

Really that’s about it. There are plenty of awesome moments in this film but the animation is just odd. It’s such an uncanny valley feeling, even if it’s easy to recommend.

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How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy – Amazon Prime

Personal favorites always find a way onto some of our lists it seems. How to Train Your Dragon is a rare animated trilogy that is consistently high quality throughout the whole runtime.

Full of amazing moments that both kids and adults can love. With incredible music, stellar animation and heart tugging moments of sadness. HTTYD is all at once epic, family friendly and mature.

Pathfinder – Amazon Prime

Want to just turn your brain off and enjoy some mindless stylized action? Then look no further then our friend Pathfinder.

Featuring the combined talents of Karl Urban and Marcus Nispel. Pathfinder is the story of a viking who is left behind in the Americas. As he becomes adopted by the Native Americans, he must eventually help them fight back against his fellow Norsemen.

It’s not anything particularly amazing. Action aged pretty well and to his credit, Karl Urban does try to elevate the film.

Vikings – Amazon/Hulu

While this entry is not a movie, it sure as hell is the best place to get yourself hyped up!

Focusing on the intertwining stories of Ragnar Lothbrok and those around him. Vikings begins as a sort of adventure epic, and slowly turns into psychological suffering and historical action.

Stuffed to the brim with attention to detail, phenomenal action set pieces and Emmy Winning Acting. Vikings is one of the best TV series in the last decade, and a fantastic showcase for historical drama!


That’s our list folks! This one was a little shorter than most but there is a finite amount of good representations for Celtic heritage. Check out our list for our picks for the 10 Best Irish films if you want something similar!


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