Earlier today, Activision made a move that I don’t think many of us saw coming. What did they do, I hear you ask, well they subpoenaed Reddit.

Reddit has a history of leaking game information. Whether that’s from the r/destinythegame, r/callofduty or many of the game specific subs. It seems that one developer/publisher has had quite enough of it.

“Petitioner, Activision Publishing, Inc. through its undersigned counsel of record, hereby requests that the Clerk of this Court issue a subpoena to Reddit, Inc. to identify alleged infringers at issue, pursuant to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (‘DMCA’), 17 U.S.C. § 512(h).

The DMCA Subpoena is directed to Reddit, Inc. Reddit is the service provider to which the subject of the subpoena – Reddit user ‘Assyrian241O’ – posted infringing Activision content.”

They seem to be taking this quite seriously. Calling out the leaky user in particular.

If this is unknown information to you here’s what prompted this response. Last week Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released an update for its second season, this included a classified section on the main menu.

Unfortunately, someone on Reddit chose to spoil exactly what the classified section was and promptly got called out. This led to Activision finally getting fed up and deciding to make a legal move.

You might be willing to take the side of the leaker, but bear in mind they didn’t come by this info legitimately.


What did you think of this move? Is Activision in the right or did they make a bad choice? Let us know in the comments and check out our YouTube for more!