BATTLE ROYALE COMING TO COD - Latest trailer shows off the new mode

BATTLE ROYALE COMING TO COD – Latest trailer shows off the new mode

Battle Royale was one of the bigger hits with Black Ops 4 last year. And after numerous teases, leaks and confirmations, we finally have a trailer for the new mode.

Apparently the leaks from Reddit were definitely accurate. A Battle Royale mode for Modern Warfare drops tomorrow!

Featuring cross platform play same as before, up to 150 people and an absolutely massive map for everyone! Warzone is set to be the next big expansion and looks to turn things up a notch from Black Ops Battle Royale mode. 

Modern Warfare has absolutely been a standout release in CoD’s storied franchise. Featuring a much more mature storyline, a renewed focus on methodical multiplayer and free DLC.

modern warfare battle royale

While it has only been out for a few months, there have already been numerous patches and two full seasons of content. The best thing about these seasonal drops is that there is no requirement to purchase them to get new maps. Although some weapons are locked behind the seasonal paywall.

Warzone has one other mode coming with as well, aptly named Plunder. This mode will see you pitting yourself against others in Warzone. As you earn kills you are granted cash to spend on cosmetics and packs, you deposit this cash into a location on the map and so on and so forth. 

Nonetheless, Modern Warfare’s new mode looks like an absolute blast for all new and returning players.

Does Warzone interest you? Think it looks awesome or does it do nothing for you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!