Belfast Pub Delivering Freshly-Poured Guinness During Lockdown

Belfast Pub Delivering Freshly-Poured Guinness During Lockdown

The Hatfield House, a pub on Ormeau Road in south Belfast, has been delivering fresh pints of Guinness to customers across the capital ever since the coronavirus pandemic caused a closure of pubs.

After kitting out a van with a portable tap system, they began to deliver that sweet, dark beer to people who have been missing it. All customers have to do is call the pub, place their order the day before delivery, then wait for their fresh pint to arrive.

As the Hatfield House says on Facebook: “We are delighted to be able to offer all our customers the goodness of a freshly poured pint delivered to their home in the safety of isolation. The service areas in the mobile units are sanitised after every use for your safety. Looking forward to serving you all soon. Stay safe, stay home and let us bring the pub to you.”

They also stress that anyone approaching them on the streets for the service will be turned away due to the social distancing measures in place.

It’s a genius idea to keep the pub busy as the lockdown continues to go on.

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