Binge Viewing is decreasing Fertility Rate

Binge Viewing is decreasing Fertility Rate

Binge Viewing or Marathon-Viewing is one of the reasons for a decreasing fertility rate. In 2017 a paper called ‘Archives of Sexual Behavior’ states that in America people are now having less sex as compared to 30 years ago.

A Lead author of the paper Dr. Jean Twenge sates that people are turning away from sexual activity due to the increase in the number of television and web content and increasing commercial ads.

Dr. Jean Twenge via ‘The Wall Street Journal’ conducted a survey of more than 1000 people, where they found that one out of every four people is rebuffing intimate relations with their partner because of Binge watching.

He also said that if people tend to follow regular streaming episodes without any break or commercials makes themselves unavailable for their partners.

Netflix which is an online platform of numerous films, shows and series have a phase ‘Netflix and Chill’ which is now losing its own point. Clinical psychologist Dr. Megan Fleming believes that the problem is not just streaming content but also includes a spider web of all technology distractions.

Fleming highlights the point that technology makes you focus on a single thing and makes people so addicted to it that it makes people feel isolated even in the mob. After the report, Netflix released a statement via The Wall Street Journal in which they are pushing back that their streaming services are not the reason for the decreasing fertility rate.

Although there are many reasons for falling fertility rates, and yes Binge – Watching and technology are also in the queue, we feel in the future they may prove to be even more harmful than anything else.