Birthday Parades Beginning to Trend in South Florida Amidst Social Distancing

Birthday Parades Beginning to Trend in South Florida Amidst Social Distancing

Despite the continuing practice of social distancing, some families in south Florida have been finding ways to celebrate their loved ones.

Birthday celebrations have become near-impossible for families to celebrate, but many families are deciding to take to the streets in order to celebrate with parades.

Cell phone footage captured in Cooper City, Florida shows a procession of vehicles, led by a white truck, adorned with balloons and other decorations. The Sheriff’s office and other first responders were even present to escort the procession.

All of this to wish a happy birthday to a 10-year old boy who lives nearby.

Cristy Rivero and her family were thankful for the trend, as her husband, Alex, and daughter, Sofia, share the same birthday of March 26th. While Alex wasn’t concerned about his own birthday, he did feel bad for his daughter, who was turning 13.

But friends and family were able to give her something special by surprising them outside their home and leaving birthday treats.

“For me, it was exciting to see, in the midst of being down and not knowing really what’s going on in the future, was able to put together [this parade], especially for Sofie on her 13th birthday,” Alex explained after the parade.

Another news crew was able to catch the footage of another parade, this one for Kelsie Chicvara, who turned 5.

Friends and family held up signs and dressed up to wish their loved ones a happy birthday, all from the safety of their car.

It truly is amazing to see these incredible moments happening despite what’s going on in the world. We hope to see more positivity like this spread as we continue to wait out the pandemic.

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