Fans of Chadwick Boseman want to erect a statue in Anderson, the actor's hometown

Chadwick Boseman’s Hometown Wants to Build Monument to Actor

A Monumental Actor

Of all the bad stuff that has happened in 2020, one of the most shocking was the sudden death of Chadwick Boseman. The South Carolina born actor was one of Marvel’s best casts out of an already stellar lineup. He starred in several iconic roles throughout his life, including Marshall, Get on Up and Black Panther.

Now, some more details have been trickling out about Chadwick Boseman’s life and how he spent his last four years. Honestly, the more we learn, and the more that he wanted to keep his life and his fight private, really makes us respect the guy all the more.

Seeing how he never officially or publicly announced his fight with cancer, most people didn’t really think much of it. But there were fairly consistent posts on social media showing Chadwick Boseman visiting children’s hospitals and engaging people. All while inwardly fighting his own battle against cancer and disease.

Showcasing Chadwick Boseman’s humility

Boseman also privately married his long time girlfriend in a very small and sequestered ceremony before his death. He was engaged to singer and artist, Taylor Simone Ledward in private as well back in 2019.

Truth be told, we really don’t know all that much about Chadwick Boseman, and honestly that’s probably for the best. Not because we suspect him of doing anything, but because being an actor brings so much scrutiny. In a world where people are vlogging and documenting every breath they take, it’s refreshing to see someone put their ideals and morals above their popularity. Showcasing Chadwick Boseman’s humility and adherence to his family life.

Build a Statue

There’s now a petition that several fans signed to get a statue of Chadwick Boseman in his hometown in Carolina. See, in Anderson, Boseman’s hometown, there’s a monument erected to the South during the Civil War. A statue that bears the inscription; “wore the gray and died with Lee were in the right” and has been a subject of controversy before.

Fans and hometown individuals want to replace the statue with a monument to the Black Panther star, and it’s been making the rounds. Unfortunately, even though the petition has been signed several thousand times over, it doesn’t make a difference.

In order for the statue to be removed, two thirds of South Carolina has to vote on it to get it removed. Inside of Carolina, they have what’s called the Heritage Act. Which prohibits the removal and destruction of any monuments without a two thirds majority vote. Meaning that unless they vote on it, they cannot remove and replace the current monument.

They can erect an entirely new monument in a different in Anderson with far fewer votes though. So there is some element of hope for the project.


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